Shedding The Suit And Tie

Ahhhh … Calvin Klein panty hose, horribly uncomfortable pumps and two piece suits … see ya! For years I saved that one last suit, “just in case”. It moved with me at least five times until a friend said, “where are you going with that thing and what era is that actually from?”

It was someone’s profile I just read from a Jackson, Wyoming company that said “Used to live in Boston and work in finance and wear a suit to work before moving to Jackson” that had me laughing about the suit and tie thing today. Pretty funny … it is truly a bonus to the professional mountain guy or gal that every day at work has now become casual Friday. Neat, clean and khakis may be preferred over jeans, but with the exception of a handful of companies, casual attire is the ski town career way …

Some people just naturally feel more comfortable, professional and productive working in a city wearing a suit and tie. I always say … different strokes for different folks. Whatever works, but casual in a ski town does not equate to unprofessional in any way. It is more about the lifestyle. It is a casual lifestyle in the mountains that is a main draw and definitely one of the great attributes of a ski town that locals continually embrace and enjoy.

2 Comments to “Shedding The Suit And Tie”

  1. Nice Amy…..I certainly enjoy life without the shirt and tie….hope you are well

  2. Thanks Rich … life in the casual lane has always worked for me too!

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