Six of the Best Snuggly Winter Gift Ideas

I can think of little I love more than being swathed in blankets, cuddled up by a fire, and watching a movie on a cold winters night. If you’re anything like me, winter is the best time of year – and having a winter birthday or festivity, while you’re restricted for ideas, can still be really fun! Especially with these super snuggly gift ideas:

Keeping Warm

Once reserved for the smallest member of the family, the “onesie”, the “stretch-n-grow” the “footed pjs” – whatever you call them, one-piece pyjama suits have been the hottest trend for the last year or so. Available almost anywhere, and in a variety of different prints, patterns and even animals – footed pjs or onesies will be your best friend in the bitter winter months. Ridiculously comfy and super warm, you’d be silly not to get or gift a pair before the holiday season rolls around, giving you and them something to roll around in! I love the selection from and from

Lay Back and Relax

There is perhaps nothing better when it’s cold out than lying in a silky warm bathtub. If you’re stuck for gift ideas, look no further: a pamper package is the right way to go. A great gift idea for both men and women, a homemade gift hamper of bath oils and salts, candles, incense, a good book and a bottle of bubbles (champagne, rather than detergent) makes for a totally luxurious winters night. Add a pair of snuggly footed pjs and you have everything you need to last a cold winter’s night.

Comfort Cooking

Winter weight is a harsh reality for many of us, but hey, it doesn’t count if it’s a winter holiday gift! Break tradition, and instead of showering people in sugar opt for something a little outside the box. Food and crockery gift sets are available for pasta makers, cupcake bakers and the rest! Give something that can be used again, or at the very least, isn’t only good for one day. If you prefer something more ‘made-with-love’ a great idea is homemade cookie dough, frozen! You can package it up beautifully, and the gift keeps on giving as it can be used whenever the recipient wants.

Get Cosy

For those nights where you don’t really want to do all that much, a mohair throw is the perfect thing to snuggle under. These gorgeous blankets last years with the right care, and are amazingly warm and cosy. While under your throw, indulge with a mini fondue set. There are a few different options available around: my favourite being a tiny chocolate fondue kit in a ceramic mug! If you’re stuck for gift ideas, let your own winter creature-comforts be your guide!

Braving the Outdoors

If, for some crazy reason, the person you’re shopping for is more into getting out into the cold rather than staying rugged up inside, what better than buying some merino and bundling them outdoors! Scarves, beanies, mittens, all make for great winter holiday gift suggestions. And if you’re worried about clothes being a boring gift, invest in a custom-designed and decorated travel mug – keeping your coffee or cocoa hot while looking cool? Sounds good to me!

Winter can be gorgeous, but also can wear thin on people’s patience pretty quickly – make sure you keep away the winter blues with these super snuggly gifts (like my favourite – footed pjs). Have any of your own? Let us know! is the best place to go online for a huge selection of snuggly footed pjs, pamper packages and other fantastic wintery gift ideas. Surprise someone you love with a gift from Spencers!

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