Top Summer Jobs That Pay Well in Nevada

Are you on the lookout for a seasonal job in Nevada? If so, there are loads of options out there for those looking to score a well-paying job during the warm summer months. The best part is that there’s something for everyone, depending on whether you prefer the warmth of the outdoors or the coolness of the indoors. We’ve listed a few of our top options for you below. Have a look to find the job you’re looking for!

Summer Camp Educator

Lots of kids are sent to camp during the summer and that means, counsellors and educators are always needed by camp organizers. To qualify as a summer camp educator, you will likely need a high school diploma and a CPR certification. If you have a great rapport with kids and enjoy the outdoors, this could be a great job opportunity. If you happen to be thinking of having a long-term career as a teacher, this can also serve as a great start. Having said that, these jobs pay well for those who fit the bill, with educators today earning up to $30/hour.

Tour Guide

Are you a little bit of a history buff? Do you like teaching? Are you a fan of meeting people? If so, a job as a tour guide might be perfect for you. As a tour guide, you will likely be asked to memorize a script, maintain a friendly disposition, work around a flexible schedule and, lead a group. So, if you dislike the typical 9-5 jobs out there and like the idea of leveraging your public speaking skills, this might be righr up your alley. This job pays up to $20/hour today.

Landscaping Assistant

Landscaping work can be tough on the body, but not if you’re fit and love the outdoors. Plus, this kind of work can be quite fun, as it requires you to be creative and handy with gardening as well. If basking in the sun and helping people keep their yards tidy sounds fun to you, then a job as a landscaping assistant might be just the right fit. Have a look at the best yard maintenance las vegas companies to see what they might have to offer this summer. Typically, this job pays up to $21/hour.

Customer Service Representative

As a customer service representative, you will be answering calls and resolving customer problems. If you have a knack for helping people and have a friendly demeanour, this could be a great way to earn some extra cash this summer. Lots of companies are looking for representatives to help them out this summer, so you’ll be sure to see lots of positions available. These jobs pay up to $18/hour.

Nevada is sure to have some great opportunities available to those looking to earn some quick cash this summer. Whether you love the outdoors or prefer sitting in a cool office, the choice is yours! Just be sure to commit – this could turn out to be a great launching pad for your future career.

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