Why You Might Want to Try Using a Camping Hammock

Camping and the tent have been synonymous for decades, but a new trend in outdoor recreation is re-writing this dynamic.  Leave behind the tent poles, stakes, footprints, and find out the many advantages of sleeping in a camping hammock.

The first advantage a camping hammock has over a tent is size and weight.  A hammock and the straps needed to hang it weighs 2-3 pounds, and can pack down into a small size. This is as light or lighter than ultralight tents, and take up far less space.  For a single person camping hammock, you can even find them for under 2 pounds.

This leads to the next advantage; price.  A camping hammock, such as the ones at Peak Camping Hammock, are well under 100 dollars. This is only a fraction of the price for a tent of comparable weight or size. In addition, campers often end up spending more money on accessories to make their sleeping more bearable. With a hammock, this is a different story. At most, you would only need 2-3 additional accessories to protect you from even the most extreme elements. One of the most popular accessories is a rain fly. It is great for keeping you and your camping hammock dry and providing additional shade. It also can also reduce the effects of wind gusts cutting through the nylon. Another popular accessory is a bug net. There are some hammocks with them built-in to the hammock, but a more popular approach is a separate bug net that can be attached on command in a matter of minutes keeping out all the unwanted bits of nature.

Comfort is another benefit that a camping hammock offers.  There is a reason that the mattress industry is billion-dollar industry; people like to be comfortable.  When sleeping in a tent you are on the hard, and usually unforgiving ground.  To alleviate that discomfort you can add things like inflatable or foam pads.  Both options get you off the ground, in a small way, but still are additional pieces of gear you need to buy and carry.  In contrast, you cannot get much more comfortable than hanging in the air, cocooned by breathable nylon. The natural curved shape the hammock takes allows your head to rest at an angle, much like a pillow is designed to do.  This allows for a comfortable night of sleep.

When inclement weather comes, hammocks can provide the same protection that a tent can, by adding a small overhead tarp.  This is commonly known as a rain fly and will protect against the rain, but your sleeping arrangement will still be open to airflow, unlike a tent with the rainfly attached.  If you are setting up camp in a bug populated area, you can attach a mesh cover over the hammock, which is a lightweight and breathable accessory to your setup.

In addition to being an amazing bed to sleep in, the hammock can serve as a chair during the day when relaxing.  If you have a buddy who needs a seat, then you can check out the 2 person camping hammock options which are rated to hold 500 or more pounds.

Lastly, the hammock allows you to be fully immersed in the outdoors, and isn’t that why you are out there in the first place? You can feel the gentle sway of the trees as you nod off.  You will feel a cool evening breeze, look up at the towering pines or shivering aspens, then, of course, see the stars slowly pass by.   You will wake up feeling rested in a bed inspired by nature, surrounded by the very sights and smells you ventured out to be in.

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