Choosing To Live In Park City, Utah!

Park City, Utah, clearly one of the most accessible ski towns around. It’s a small paradise tucked away from the hustle and bustle, but near enough to it if you want to keep the urban pace close at hand.

I just came across 14 Reasons to Live In Park City, a good list to have by your side when you are doing your pros and cons of which ski town to choose. I have pulled out my top five on the list (and made a few comments), which I believe will appeal to the professional single, couple or family seeking out the mountain lifestyle.

#1 Park City Utah is a short 30-40 minute drive to the Salt Lake City International Airport. No other ski town offers this close proximity to an international airport which happens to have numerous non-stop flights from all over the U.S.

Huge benefit for those who travel for work, have extended family across the country and/or love to travel without always making 2-3 stops along the way.

#4 Park City offers great schools which are considered the best in Utah and highly ranked nationally. It’s a great place to raise a family.

This is not always so easy to find in a small town. Great for young families looking to settle down in ski country.

#5 Three Great Ski Resorts (Deer Valley Resort, Park City Mountain Resort and The Canyons Resort) as well as seven other ski resorts within a 60 minute drive. Deer Valley Resort Rated #1 by Ski Magazine (October 2007). Park City Mountain Resort Rated #1 Terrain Park for two years running by Transworld Snowboarding (January 2006). Canyons Ski Resort which is Utah’s largest ski resort.

Utah, excellent skiing in and around Park City (can’t forget Alta and Snowbird close by).

#6 Great trail system with over 300 miles of improved trails for mountain biking, hiking or horse back riding.

Plenty of trails for the outdoor recreationist.

#9 A variety of cultural events throughout the year including the famous Sundance Film Festival.

Arts and Culture, ski town benefits in places such as Park City go far beyond skiing, mountain culture is quite unique offering entertainment and events that you generally won’t find moving to just any small town!

One Comment to “Choosing To Live In Park City, Utah!”

  1. I grew up in Park City! I started at McPolin Elementary, then moved on to Treasure Mountain Middle School ( right across the parking lot) =). I ran through the mountains during the summer, and lived on the ski slopes in the winter (Mcpolin offers Skiing on Fridays for P.E.!) and if your a student in park city, you get a SEASON pass to the mountain for just $99!! I moved away from Park City as I was entering High School however. Park City is the most amazing, spiritual place to live, grow up, or raise a family!

    I have thought about my amazing life in Park City atleast twice a week since the day I left. I am 25 and living in Los Angeles where I have been since I moved away and now want nothing more than to move back to P.C. and start my own family and give my children the most amazing place to be children!

    If your going through mountain towns trying to pick one to start your adventure, Park City Utah absolutely must be on the top of your list! Sweet quite warm summer days on Main Street, and breath taking adventurous winter experiences =) Get some fire wood from the pile, cozy up with your family, and take a deep breath of peace: you live in Park City!

    Hope to see you there!!

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