Finding Big City Culture In A Small Ski Town – Park City, Utah’s Sundance Film Festival Begins

One of the joys of living in a ski town (besides the obvious) are the cultural benefits that usually only come along with big city living.

Ski town film festivals have become very popular throughout the years, especially Park City, Utah’s Sundance Film Festival which starts tomorrow and will continue for the next ten days. Park City, Utah is probably one of the most accessible ski towns around with its close proximity to Salt Lake City, but even with its location being so close to a city, once you are there surrounded by those mountains … thoughts of a big city become far, far away.

The festivals … It is true that your much-loved small community gets a bit on the overcrowded side for short sprints of time when these events hit town, but it is only temporary. Class “A” entertainment in your small ski town … not such a bad thing. Hope everyone out that way is set out to have a great time!

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