Utah Job Market, Housing And Great Skiing (even In May)

I was reminded once again of all the benefits Utah has to offer for the career minded job seeker looking for quality of life, work-life balance, a full-time job and endless outdoor recreation after reading Snowbird: still skiing.

Not only is Utah absolutely beautiful, downtown Salt Lake has been going through a revitalization since the Winter Olympics in 2002, their unemployment rate (even if it has risen in the last few months) is significantly lower than the national average, the real estate market is softening (may get a buy), and of course Utah’s top ski resorts are based 30 to 40 minutes from the center of the city.

If you were living in Park City or close by right now, going into the second week in May, and you were looking for some fun, you could go ski at Snowbird Resort (Snowbird still reporting a base of over 130” of snow), forget about skiing and go hang out in Salt Lake City for a quick city fix (Sugar House is a cool little area), drive a few hours to Moab to enjoy the desert, or pop on a direct flight to one of the many fine beach destinations that are easily accessible from the SLC Airport.

That’s what is nice about living in the Salt Lake City area … it is a mountain paradise and it is extremely accessible. This crosses my mind every so often living in Jackson Hole when I am experiencing a bit of cabin fever in the off-season, usually in April or May. Ironically speaking, for a state that is not often noted for its diversity, a career minded, outdoor enthusiast looking to settle in a ski town close to a major city will find just that … more diversity and accessibility than most of the popular ski towns located throughout the U.S. Definitely worth a look!

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