Jobs For Ski Enthusiasts

If you love to ski, finding a job at a ski resort is an ideal situation for you. Not only will you get to spend time doing what you love, you will be getting paid to do it, and you will probably get other perks like free ski passes at the resort where you work. Whenever you are looking for ski jobs, though, it is important to remember that you are applying for work, not just to hang out on the slopes all day.

There are two basic types of ski jobs—hospitality and operations. Working in hospitality often means you will be working at the vacation resort that is near the ski resort. Most ski resorts offer some kind of hotel accommodations nearby, and in most cases it is a full service facility with a hotel, restaurants, shopping, and other entertainment like bars or a day spa.

To get one of these ski jobs, it is helpful if you have experience in the hospitality industry, whether it is prior work at a hotel, work in food service waiting or bussing tables, bartending, or work at a day spa or other similar facility. However, most positions will not require an extensive resume with a background in hospitality, and often can be obtained as an entry-level employee.

If you prefer to be out in the snow, there are also operations ski jobs available at most resorts. This can include ski patrol, ski instructors, employees at the ski shop, people to run and service the grooming machinery, and staff that shovel the snow.

To become a ski instructor, it is helpful if you are an accomplished skier with the ability to help others learn the sport. Often you will be required to get certified from an official accreditation agency. However, if you are not yet accredited, there are sometimes positions available helping with ski school under the supervision of an accredited instructor.

To land a position on the ski patrol requires a lot of work. Not only will you need to be an accomplished skier who can access the most difficult terrain in the resort, you also need to have training in basic and advanced first aid. There is an organization called the National Ski Patrol that provides all the information you need about courses to take, certifications to obtain, and training you will need if you would like to become a ski patroller.

No ski resort would run without the grooming staff and the mechanics. These types of ski jobs include things like running and servicing grooming machines, and running and servicing ski lifts and other technical equipment. These jobs often require expertise in mechanical and electrical trades, so it’s a good idea to talk to the resort about what qualifications you need before you apply.

One of the biggest perks to working at a ski facility is, of course, the skiing. Often you will receive an annual pass that is valid as long as you are an employee, a short enough work schedule that allows you time to enjoy the slopes, and discounts on other things like food and beverages, lessons, and equipment.

Ski resorts, like any other business, are looking for competent, reliable people to work for them, so it is important to always be professional when you are seeking this type of employment, and be sure you can commit to stay at the resort for the entire season.

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