Why Not Consider A Seasonal Job?

You may be looking at this rolling your eyes, thinking, yeah right, I’m going to go work a seasonal job at this point in my life … then what?

Wondering why I continue to suggest this route for people who are looking to move to the mountains? The truth is, if you have never lived in a resort town before, you are looking at a different lifestyle, one that will likely shift your perspective and priorities soon after you begin to settle in. A tight job market now does not mean that a full time job opening will not open up later on. Working seasonally now does not rule out your chances for gaining full-time employment in the future.

Whereas most articles in the local ski town papers for years focused on the lack of housing and a plenitude of jobs, now you are more likely reading that rentals are staying empty and there are fewer jobs. Isn’t it always something? When is it the perfect time? If you are supporting an entire family, or the cost-to-benefit ratio always comes up too high, OK, this may not be an option for you, but if that is not the case, you may want to consider a seasonal job.

Advice given to me a few years back when I was feeling stuck, “keep moving”. It was that simple, and it always comes back to mind when I find myself over questioning what I think I should be doing. Not so much physically, but mentally, almost visualizing myself taking a step forward, experiencing life and taking chances.

Are you not taking the chance because you flat out can’t afford to do so or is it more about fear? If it is more about the fear of the unknown, you may be pleasantly surprised at where a summer or winter seasonal job may lead you. Don’t knock it if you haven’t yet given it a try.

Everyone has their own path to travel. Look at this guy! Living the Map …. To each his own.

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