Big Sky Country – Simple Pleasures Living In Montana

Driving through Montana for the first time, you will immediately understand, “Big Sky Country”. Truthfully, the whole region just calls out “big sky” and “wide open spaces”.

Coming from the East Coast, my first experiences exploring Montana, Idaho and Wyoming about 12 years ago were positively life changing … ahhh, “I can breathe”. Who knew how much less people, over the top natural beauty and what felt like endless open space could have on a person (me). Sometimes I attempt to describe these feelings to friends and family back east only to watch the deeply puzzled look on their faces in response …“greeeat”. They try to understand, but I am not so sure they really get it or care to. Different strokes for different folks … it is what makes life more interesting.

Anyway, from browsing numerous blog posts written by those who obviously love the mountains, I came across, From the Front Porch written by a woman living in the Flathead Valley, Montana. She shares her experiences living in Montana, her thoughts about life and love sitting on her front porch, walking her dog and continually exploring the very beautiful Flathead Valley. Check out her photos and read about some of the true simple joys that come along with living in Montana.

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  1. What a nice post – and thank you especially for your link to my blog…I am the author of “From the Front Porch” and I love how you described my blog! What I hope would be said about me and my life is that I lived simply and with joy for all of my days – I’m glad that is what you saw in the blog. And as far as I’m concerned, it is what living in Montana is all about. If you are ever in my neck of the woods, please give me a shout – we’ll sit on the front porch and enjoy a visit. I make a mean cherry pie…

  2. I saw in your blog what I see and feel is the true joy of mountain living. I will be up there (at some point) and will definitely give you a shout. Thanks for the comment.

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