Rocky Mountains Pray For Snow – Utah And Colorado Ski Resorts Delay Openings

It can get a little nerve-racking at this time of year for locals and tourists alike anxiously awaiting the snow, but trying to predict when it is going to happen may be futile as the date of its arrival is something that only Mother Nature really knows.

A handful of ski resorts in Utah and Colorado have postponed their openings until Thanksgiving due to some early season warm, dry weather. There is cold and snow in the forecast, but how can we really know? An article in the Aspen Daily News recently (that is no longer online) had this quote from a local resident,

“We’ve had snow droughts in the past, but my advice now is to pile up the skis and burn them for the snow gods,” said Jim Markalunas, a local resident who has monitored weather in Aspen for more than five decades. “I never presume to know what the weather is going to do. … It’s consistently inconsistent.”

Good advice. From my own experience living in a ski town, there have always been weeks, months and ski seasons that have been better than others, but in the end … the ski towns always get snow and the skiers always ski. It can be as simple as that. So maybe do a little extra praying, take a few more bike rides … just get out and enjoy the day. You may just wonder what you were stressing about when it is still snowing at the end of May!

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