Ski Resort Area Myths – Living In A Ski Resort Town

Labor Day weekend has come and gone and anyone that is considering a move to a ski resort area is hot in their search right now! With ski season less than three months away, the time to start planning is now. Thoughts of a new season this weekend brought these ski town myths to mind …

1. Everyone is rich.
Ahh … no.

2. Everyone who is not rich is a ski bum.
No again.

3. Everyone who is not rich works 3 jobs.
No doubt about it, some people do, but many work just one full-time year round job too. As for those working more than one job, it is a compromise some people are willing to make to live in an area that they love. For others (I have done this myself in the past), it is not even always about the money. They (myself included) like the diversity of different jobs and flexible hours. A ski resort area lifestyle is certainly not a cookie cutter lifestyle and these towns are often filled with a large number of free spirits!

4. Everyone is an expert skier.
There are long time locals that don’t even ski at all. The allure may have been a small town, close knit beautiful community or they may have just followed their mate or very good friend. Skiing is (should be) all about having a good time and not about how good you are. Skiers and snowboarders of all levels live in ski resort areas.

5. Everyone skis over 100 days a year.
No, but it is nice to live within five minutes of the mountain which allows you to ski more when you feel like doing so. Some mountains even have night skiing and/or one hour rates! (Snow King Resort in Jackson Hole has this for example, is pictured above and is very close to Town Square)

6. There are no females (for young single men)
I believe the ratios have been changing. In the past decade, didn’t look like the guys in Jackson Hole were suffering too much!

7. There are no “real” jobs.
Of course there are. It is just not the first thing people generally think or hear about when someone is contemplating a move to a ski resort area.

8. There is nothing to do but ski.
Ski towns are unique in that even though they are small towns, they are also resort towns which means they must offer amenities to vacationing tourists that extend beyond skiing. Sure, the biggest draw and most appealing feature is the mountains along with all the natural beauty and recreation they provide, but ski resort towns will also tend to have a good amount of arts, events, and cultural opportunities for both locals and tourists to enjoy.

9. It is impossible to move to a ski resort area due to the high cost of living.
Maybe more difficult, but not impossible. I would say less people move on a whim these days. It may take some planning and it may be impossible (to even fathom) for someone who actually prefers a city lifestyle. Paying more to live somewhere where the main allure is an outdoor lifestyle will never make sense to someone who truly prefers the city.

10. It is not the “real” world.
Monthly bills, rents, mortgages, jobs, controversy, heartbreak also comes along with the wonderful mountain lifestyle … it’s all so very real!

The point is … if your dream is to live in a ski resort area this year, follow that dream, start your planning now and then just give it a go!

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  1. i competed in skiing in Czech Republic and Italy,curently live in southern CA and i’m dreaming becoming a ski patrol in USA.

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