Ski Towns Search For More Solutions – Affordable Housing In The News

Reading from afar these past few months … I have been following the news of the proposed Teton Meadows South Park development project in Jackson, Wyoming and thought I would share the latest from this week’s Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Board backs South Park project
County planning panel OKs 500-home Teton Meadows plan but with numerous conditions.

It is hard to get the full picture without actually being in town … but clearly … there has been quite a bit of controversy over this one.

There are always 2 (or 3) sides to a story, but the reality is that the majority of young professionals are buying property in Star Valley and Teton Valley, Idaho and if Jackson wants to keep more of their workforce in town, there needs to be more affordable housing. The bottom line is that if there continues to be less employees available to work in these ski towns, many local business’ will not survive and the communities will no longer thrive. No one wants this to happen which is why the different ski towns continue to look for creative solutions to solve this problem.

As far as the local Jackson residents in favor of the recent affordable housing proposals … I don’t think it is a matter of not caring about the natural environment in and around Jackson Hole. I believe (know) that many residents are just desperately seeking a way to remain living and working in the valley that they love … Jackson is their home.

Jackson Hole is far from alone in their search for affordable housing solutions. Read some more ski town news about affordable housing.

Fund bolsters Summit County housing loans

City steps closer to affordable housing in River Run

Vail affordable housing renovation moves ahead

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