8 Essentials To Bring On Your Ski Trip

Snow season is just about here, and you know what that means: time for a ski trip! Dust off your old skis, and get some new snow gear. To prepare for your trip, whether it’s your first time or your tenth time, it’s always great to have a list of these ten essentials you absolutely need to pack in order to have a great time on your annual ski vacation.

– This may seem inconsequential, but it could literally save your skin. Bring sunscreen, lip balm, and moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. Don’t delude yourself that just because it’s cold, you won’t get sunburned. The snow absorbs and reflects the sun’s rays during the day, and the dry air will catch up to you. Get yourself a kit at any drugstore like Walgreens.

– Bring thermal underwear. It’s going to be very, very cold. A thermal top and bottom will keep you snug as a bug, and will wick away moisture from your skin. That means that after a long day of skiing, you won’t freeze in sweat heading back to the lodge. You can often find great deals at stores like Walmart.

– Layer up in fleece sweaters and thick jackets. You can’t just go out in your thermal underwear, of course. Fleece tends to be light, and can also wick moisture away, so you will not be skiing in damp, sweaty clothes. For jackets, try to find ones that are both waterproof and windproof, and which will let you breathe.

– Protect your eyes with UV-filtering goggles. You can get goggles with double lenses, which are resistant to fogging. The goggles will help you see your way down the ski slope, and avoid the harsh glare of the sun. – Pack water-resistant gloves. Frostbite is not something you will ever want to experience. Look for gloves that have a lot of insulation, and can “breathe”, meaning that sweat will not get trapped into the fabric. You can find a wide selection of gloves at places like Target.

– Don’t forget the ski socks! Bring at least a few pairs so you can switch them out, and opt for socks in wool or other material which will “breathe”. Stay away from cotton; if you plan on becoming an avid skier, it’s worth looking into socks specifically designed for skiing and snowboarding.

– Bring a woolen hat. Your body loses most of its heat through your head, so if you want to stay warm, keep a hat or beanie on. Make sure it fits snugly, and find one that will cover your ears.

– Bring a small backpack. When you hit the slopes, you’ll want to keep your first aid kit in here. (You will get bumps and bruises. It’s inevitable.) If you want to avoid expensive ski slope food, include your own snacks and water bottles.

– What’s the point of going on vacation if you aren’t going to record the memories? Bring a camera to capture all the fun you’re having, so you can look back on it in years to come.
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