Covered Bridges, Country Roads And The Green Mountains Of Vermont

Nearing the end of my journey through Vermont, it all started coming back to me, so many incredible memories from my ten summers in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I stayed in Manchester, Vermont for the last night of my trip, a small town many people know for all of its designer store outlets. How did I end up in an outlet town for my final night in Vermont?

No regrets. Exhausted, I pulled into the first Motel I could find. The Weathervane Motel and the extremely friendly and accommodating owner quickly had me feeling right at home. She saw how tired I was, filled me in on where to hike and eat while her teenage daughter gave me the skinny on the shopping scene (a quick stop into Banana Republic and J. Crew).

Woke up the next morning, did a quick hike off Prospect Street and then headed into town where I found myself in front of the greatest (local) bookstore, The Northshire Bookstore. Had lunch at the connecting café (with free internet access), enjoyed the pleasant, mountain view and then headed out to begin my journey out of Vermont.

Like so many other beautiful resort areas, Vermont has had its share of growth in the past 10 years. Even with more people, more cars and new developments though, the unique character of Vermont remains. From just about anywhere, you can travel a short distance and you will find mountain trails, covered bridges, country roads, country stores, maple syrup and local bookstores. There is a strong community at the core of all of these small Vermont towns … still a special place where people enjoy the benefits of a simpler lifestyle and a slower pace. Nice trip. I’m sure to be back again.

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