Picturesque Mountain Towns in Virginia You Shouldn’t Miss

Virginia, known for its rich history and diverse landscapes, is home to some of the most charming mountain towns in the United States. Nestled among the majestic Appalachian Mountains, these towns offer breathtaking views, a sense of community, and a wide range of outdoor activities. If you’re a nature lover or simply seeking a peaceful getaway, here are some mountain towns in Virginia that you shouldn’t miss.

The charm of mountain towns in Virginia

Virginia’s mountains exude a unique charm that captivates visitors from the moment they arrive. These towns boast a strong sense of community, where residents embrace a slower pace of life and genuine hospitality. The streets are lined with beautifully preserved historic buildings, showcasing the architectural beauty of yesteryears. The picturesque landscapes, combined with the warmth of the local people, create an enchanting atmosphere that’s hard to resist.

Exploring the Natural Beauty

The mountain towns in Virginia offer a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities. From hiking trails to scenic viewpoints, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The lush forests and rolling hills provide the perfect backdrop for a peaceful stroll or a challenging hike. Mountain streams and rivers invite visitors to engage in water activities like fishing, kayaking, and tubing.

During the winter months, the mountain towns transform into snowy wonderlands, offering opportunities for exciting winter sports. Virginia is home to several ski resorts where you can hit the slopes for skiing, snowboarding, or tubing. These resorts cater to all skill levels and provide rental equipment, making it accessible for both beginners and seasoned snow enthusiasts.

Beyond the outdoor activities, the natural beauty of Virginia’s mountain towns can be admired from scenic drives and viewpoints. The Blue Ridge Parkway, often referred to as “America’s Favorite Drive,” winds its way through the Blue Ridge Mountains, treating travelers to breathtaking vistas of rolling hills, verdant forests, and distant peaks. The Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park is another iconic route that offers sweeping views of the Shenandoah Valley. Also, it’s a great place to spot wildlife, including deer, black bears, and a variety of bird species, as well as seeking mountain job opportunities.

Whether you’re seeking solitude in nature, thrilling adventures, or simply a serene escape, Virginia’s mountain towns provide many options to explore and enjoy the natural wonders surrounding them. From the rugged beauty of the Appalachian Mountains to the tranquil rivers and forests, these towns offer a gateway to an outdoor paradise that is sure to leave you in awe of Virginia’s remarkable natural landscapes.

Unforgettable Destinations

When exploring the mountain towns in Virginia, several unforgettable destinations should be on your list. If you decide to move to one of these picturesque cities, plan your move in advance. To avoid unnecessary stress during relocation, professionals from A2B Moving and Storage Virginia suggest booking a moving service well in advance.

In the meanwhile, take a look at some of the unforgettable destinations in Virginia you should visit:


  • Shenandoah National Park: Discover the beauty of over 500 miles of hiking trails and breathtaking vistas in this expansive national park.
  • Skyline Drive: Take a scenic drive along this renowned roadway, offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
  • Wineries and Orchards: Explore the local wineries and orchards, where you can indulge in wine tastings and enjoy the seasonal bounty of fresh fruits.


  • Historic Campuses. Visit the Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University in Lexington. Learn about their rich history and enjoy their beautiful campuses.
  • Natural Bridge. Witness the awe-inspiring Natural Bridge and a massive limestone arch formation. You should take advantage of the hiking trails that wind through the surrounding natural beauty.


  • Barter Theatre. Catch a show at the historic Barter Theatre, one of the oldest professional theaters in the country, known for its exceptional performances.
  • Virginia Creeper Trail. Embark on an outdoor adventure along the Virginia Creeper Trail, a scenic path ideal for biking, hiking, or horseback riding through picturesque landscapes.
  • Festivals and Cultural Events. Immerse yourself in the local traditions and vibrant arts scene by attending the various festivals and cultural events Abingdon hosts annually.

Moving to a mountain town in Virginia

When considering a move to the picturesque mountain towns of Virginia, enlisting the help of professional moving services can make the transition smoother and more efficient. Moving to a new location involves various tasks, from packing and loading to transportation and unloading. Hiring experienced movers ensures that these tasks are handled with expertise and precision. These moving pros can handle all tasks and the logistical aspects of the move, taking the stress off your shoulders.

From carefully packing your belongings to navigating through winding mountain roads, they have the knowledge and equipment to tackle every aspect of the move. By entrusting the moving process to professionals, you can focus on settling into your new mountain town.

Hidden Gems and Insider Tips

While Shenandoah, Lexington, and Abingdon are popular destinations, other hidden gems are worth exploring in Virginia’s mountain towns. Consider visiting towns like Floyd, with its vibrant music scene and local crafts. Another great option is Hot Springs, where you can relax in natural hot mineral springs. Embark on drives like the Blue Ridge Parkway to fully immerse yourself in the scenic beauty. Or, you can visit Crooked Road, which offers breathtaking views and access to charming mountain communities.

When visiting these mountain towns in Virginia, be sure to pack comfortable shoes for exploring the trails and scenic viewpoints. Check the local event calendars for festivals and cultural events happening during your visit. Additionally, consider staying in local bed-and-breakfast establishments or cabins to experience the authentic charm and hospitality of the region. Virginia’s mountain towns uniquely blend natural beauty, small-town charm, and outdoor adventures.


Whether you’re an avid hiker, a history buff, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, these picturesque destinations in Virginia will leave you mesmerized. So plan your visit to experience the magic of the mountain towns in Virginia and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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