Your Guide to Spring’s Seasonal Jobs

farmer's market jobEvery season brings a new set of challenges. With these challenges comes a whole new set of seasonal jobs. Everyone is familiar with holiday seasonal jobs, usually within retail companies, when companies have a higher demand for employees until the holidays are over. And in the mountain states, most of our seasonal jobs revolve around ski season. A seasonal job usually lasts around 90 days, or 3 months. Some people enjoy working only seasonal jobs every year, changing their job every 3 months or so to meet the demands of the community. However, what do you do when the holiday rush and the ski season are over?

Home Improvement

When the weather starts to get warmer, people are more motivated to fix up their yard and home. Home improvement stores, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, always hire new seasonal employees at the beginning of spring, to meet the demands of the consumer who need expertise improving their homes and gardens. The positions available at these stores will vary from cashiers to truck loaders, and employees to work in the lawn and garden sections.


Many small landscaping businesses will be looking to hire a few extra sets of hands during spring, since it’s the busiest season. The best way to find these jobs would be to locate the small landscaping businesses near you, and contact them with your resume. Let them know that you’ve had experience in landscaping or gardening, or are a hard worker who loves being outside and can learn quickly. A lot of positions with landscaping companies will pay based on how many jobs you work, rather than by hours. The harder you work, the more jobs you’ll get, which means the more money you’ll be able to make.

mowing the lawn


Similar to landscaping, there is an abundance in gardening jobs available during the spring season. If you can’t find a company that you want to work for, go into business for yourself! Talk to neighbors, or even local Homeowners Association board members, and offer your services. If your prices are good, you’ll find a lot of easy work. Focus on simple tasks, like maintaining lawns, or reviving them, since a lot of lawns are dead after winter and will need a lot of TLC to be rejuvenated. You can learn more about that process here. You can also offer to weed and plant gardens, prune bushes and fruit trees, and some simple landscaping services.

Farmer’s Markets

Even if you don’t have a farm or any sort of produce to sell, you can still find jobs working at your local farmer’s market. Talk to a few local farmers who are doing really well, and offer to run their farmer’s market stands throughout the weeks, so they can focus on running their farm and turning over produce. This can be appealing to them because a lot of them feel like they don’t have time to sit at a booth and sell their products, since running a farm is a full time job. Alternatively, you can offer to help them with the farm work while they run the farmer’s market stand.

National Parks Jobs

Even though national parks are generally open year round, the attendance for these parks goes up considerably once the weather starts to get better. The kinds of jobs you’ll find with the National Parks ranges from working in the visitors centers, supervising junior ranger programs, and maintaining the parks with landscaping or gardening positions. This is a great opportunity to get to learn more about the National Parks nearby where you live, and get to spend more time enjoying the outdoors this spring.

Conventions and Expos

Spring is also, surprisingly, a time when tons of business and special-interest expos are happening, from Texas’ South by Southwest to Utah’s Outdoor Expo. Some larger companies will take on seasonal employees to represent their brand at these events. Other times, you’ll find employment from the expo center itself, which needs help with setups and management. Utah especially is home to some interesting tech and business expos, since it’s such a hub for tech startups, as you can read about here.

Museum Tour Guides

school field tripAlthough this is an indoor job, museums are usually in need of extra help at the beginning of spring, generally as tour guides. This is because, in addition to spring being the start of tourism season, a lot of schools will visit museums for field trips and such, meaning they need more tour guides.

There are lots of job opportunities out there to take advantage of this spring season! Although some of them you’ll need specific experience to do, a lot of them will be jobs where you can learn as you go, as they’re generally pretty simple jobs. Whether you enjoy strictly working seasonal jobs, or you’re just looking for a short-term job while you launch your career, a seasonal spring job could be the perfect fit for you!

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