Amazing Mountains in Ohio

Although you might not know it, Ohio is home to some impressive mountains. They are neither the tallest nor the most difficult to climb, but that does not make them any less lovely. You can still admire breathtaking views from their peaks and enjoy the hike up to them. The paths are full of beautiful vegetation, fascinating wildlife, and gorgeous waterfalls. In reality, the Ohio mountains may be a reason for you to decide to live in the mountains. So, without further ado, let us explore the amazing mountains of Ohio.

Appalachian Mountains

In southeastern Ohio, there is a part of the Appalachian Mountains. The whole Appalachian Mountain range is about 2000 miles long, beginning from Newfoundland in Canada. It passes through a total of 13 states, ending in Mississippi. However, in Ohio, the Appalachian Mountains pass through 32 counties from Cincinnati to Cleveland. So you have enough places to pick as your starting point for a hike in the Appalachians. And trust us. If you decide to hike these mountains, you won’t be disappointed. There are so many breathtaking sites to see that you will be amazed. The rugged gorges, high cliffs, virgin woods, and scenic waterways will charm you indefinitely. However, parts of the mountains can be dangerous to hike. Therefore, we advise that you only venture into those parts if you are a trained hiker. After all, you will have the best experience only if you stay safe while hiking.

Campbell Hill

Classified as a glacier moraine, Campbell Hill holds the highest point in Ohio. It is just outside Bellefontaine and is 1549 feet above sea level. Campbell Hills is on the grounds of the Hi-Point Career center, and you can visit it any day of the year during daylight. And despite its low elevation and lack of scenic vistas, Campbell Hills has something nice to offer. At its highest point, you will find several markets, a nice monument, and a bit of history. The top marker recalls the tale of how the US government created a base here during the 1950s Cold War. The facility was eventually closed in 1969 and converted into a school. So, if you want to reach Ohio’s highest point, plan on a 15-minute stroll of 0.3 miles.

And if you are in the area, you can also visit the beautiful city of Bellefontaine. This small city is charming and welcoming and might just make you want to stay. And if you do want to move to Bellefontaine, make sure to hire the best long-distance moving company. Professional movers will take you and your belongings here safely and stress-free. You will be starting to enjoy Bellefontaine and Campbell Hills sooner than you expect.

Mount Jeez

Even if it is called a mountain, Mount Jeez is more of a hill. However, this doesn’t stop it from offering stunning views of the surrounding area. Its summit is at 1310 feet and looks over Ohio’s countryside. From the top of Mount Jeez, you can admire the beautiful Pleasant Valley and Malabar Farm. Luis Bromfield, the novelist, owned Malabar Farm from 1939 until 1956. He would often visit Mount Jeez and admire the view and his fields. Also, some believe that the scenery was a source of inspiration for some of the author’s books. And we think you will understand why once you see it, especially if you visit Mount Jeez during the fall.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Near Chillicothe, you can find one of the most amazing mountains in Ohio, Sugarloaf Mountain. The mountain earned its name from the shape of its top, which resembles a loaf of refined sugar. The mountain’s summit is 1214 feet above sea level, and it was a favorite hangout of the famous Shawnee chieftain, Tecumseh. He would often come to this place to think and admire the view. Today, you can hike the mountain on the Sugarloaf Mountain Trail, which is almost three kilometers long. The trail is frequented by people moderately and offers some beautiful views. You can also walk along the route with your dog or even ride a horse. Just be aware that the Sugarloaf trail is closed from December to the beginning of March.

If you decide to hike this trail, follow the advice of the professionals at and keep your belongings in a safe place. You can rent a storage space in Columbus, for example, and keep your valuables safe while you are on your adventure. The trail might get rough in places, so it is best to concentrate on the road ahead rather than your items.

Hocking Hills

These hills in Ohio are part of the Hocking State Park, which spreads over more than 9 kilometers. In addition, Hocking State Park is one of the most beautiful areas in Ohio. Also, the Hocking State Forest, which is 40-kilometers-long, surrounds the beautiful park. Several hiking paths within the park cover a variety of landscapes. For instance, you can visit the Ash cave or the Old Man’s Cave, the Cedar Falls, or the Cantwell Cliffs. In each of these places, you will find something beautiful and unique to see that will make you want to explore more. You can also camp here, stay in a cabin or cottage, and participate in various activities. For example, you can go canoeing, ride the ziplines, or go on a venture hunt.

There are so many things to see and do in Hocking State Park that you might want to stay here forever. And if you do want to live near such a place, don’t worry about not finding a job. There are enough seasonal jobs at national parks that you can try.

Final thoughts

Though the Buckeye state appears to be flat, there are many amazing mountains in Ohio. Even if some of them are not that high, they are still great destinations for those who love hiking. From the breathtaking Appalachian Mountains to the beautiful Hocking Hills, they are all worth a visit. So make sure you put all of them on your list of future outdoor destinations in Ohio.

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