Fun Facts About Mount Washington, NH

As an unpopulated and slightly less touristy spot, Mount Washington represents a truly serene natural environment that any nature seeker will enjoy. If you were thinking about which mountain you could visit or maybe even move to, Mount Washington should definitely be high up on your list. Here we have compiled for you a list of fun facts about Mount Washington, NH, which we believe will make you realize how amazing of a destination it is.

If you were considering moving to a mountainous area and looking for a quiet natural environment for living, it is a good thing you found Mount Washington. Some people sadly don’t even see living in the mountains as a possibility, so they skip out on the beautiful experience it is. The good side of this is that Mount Washington has very much remained an untouched serene natural environment part of which you can call home in the future.

Hiking spot without a lot of hikers

Mount Washington is an incredible place for hiking. With picturesque sights and interesting uncharted hiking trails, it will shock many people that Mount Washington doesn’t get many visitors for hiking year-round.

Man hiking alone on a mountain

This is partly due to extreme weather conditions in the higher part of the mountain. However, this can come as an incredible mountain job opportunity. Being a hiking instructor is a great chance to learn about the mountain, find new trails, and make a living out of connecting with nature.

Mount Washington Valley residential area

The extreme weather conditions we mentioned earlier in the article might make you believe that living on or near Mount Washington is impossible. However, one of the fun facts about Mount Washington is that there is a residential area near the base of the mountain called Mount Washington Valley. If you do decide to find a job on Mount Washington (perhaps as a hiking instructor), there is a place to live comfortably nearby. Mount Washington Valley is a calm residential neighborhood in New Hampshire. It is a bit harder to get to when moving, especially long-distance, but if you hire movers, you can get all the help you need to make the move as smooth as possible.

Mount Washington road race

While it is true that Mount Washington is mostly hardly populated and rarely visited, some events occur throughout the year. One of them is the Mount Washington Road race. This is a bike race where people go through the trails on the Mountain. If you are an “adrenaline junkie,” this is the event for you. Mount Washington doesn’t just bring peace and quiet to a natural environment. It also sometimes brings extreme sports and loud fun. As long as you look out not to get hurt, this can be an entertaining opportunity for you.

Man riding a bicycle on a mountain dirt road

As we have stated previously, if you are looking for a mountain to move to, you will need to find a job. Providing a service to bicycle riders who come throughout the year can be an excellent opportunity for just that. Professionals from Preferred Movers suggest that most people who decide to move to the mountains think that they will be completely cut off from society. They don’t even realize how often people use mountains for tourist attractions and event opportunities. From bike renting to refreshments and coffee, a little entrepreneurship can get you going on Mount Washington.

The Omni Mount Washington Resort

One of the most surprising and fun facts about Mount Washington is the fact that it houses the Omni Mount Washington Resort. When most people think of visiting a mountain, their initial thought is camping or staying at a wooden cabin. However, Mount Washington offers the abundant experience of staying at the Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods.

This historic world-class hotel that opened in the 1900s is a genuine opportunity for a beautiful, comfortable mountain living experience. With over one thousand workers during the winter, a massive structure, and many recreational opportunities, it truly is a unique experience.

Unexpected geology

Known as the Granite State, New Hampshire might surprise you with the fact that more than half of the bedrock underneath the state is actually not granite. The majority of the rock in New Hampshire and especially Mount Washington is schist.

Schist is a metamorphic rock that makes up almost the entire Presidential mountain range (including Mount Washington). The process of its creation results in a multitude of different textures and colors. It makes rock climbing on Mount Washington a genuinely colorful experience. Rock climbing on Mount Washington is a great mountain moneymaking opportunity.

“Railway to the moon” steampunk festival

Truly the most unexpected of the fun facts about Mount Washington is the fact that it houses the “Railway to the moon” steampunk festival. This festival is accessible to the public to appreciate all steampunk culture.

The Mount Washington Cog Railway Train

This enjoyable event uses the historic Mount Washington Cog Railway as the backdrop. It is sure to entice even non-steampunk enthusiasts. There is an optional steampunk steam train ride you can pay for. This festival usually features over 20 vendors and performers. You can also find special festival merchandise to bring home memories of this extraordinary and different event.

Nimbus, the cat

On top of the mountain, you can find the Mount Washington Observatory. This observatory is responsible for recording the world record for windspeed not associated with a hurricane. However, this observatory’s most famous resident is not one of the scientists working there. It is actually a cat whose name is Nimbus.

For almost a century now, the Mount Washington Observatory has had a pet cat mascot. They hold an election every time the previous mascot passes. Nimbus, the cat, is the one who won the last election. This is the cutest of the fun facts about this place.

There are fun facts about Mount Washington abound

As you can see, Mount Washington is a place full of surprises and unexpected ways to spend your time. There are so many more fun facts about Mount Washington, NH, for you to discover.

Mount Washington truly is a place for anyone. You can come here no matter whether you are a camping hiker or a comfort seeker. Whoever you are, we are certain that you will find a new interesting fact at every turn.

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