5 Best Hikes in the Adirondack Mountains

Hiking has always been one of the best hobbies to take up. When hiking, you get to experience beautiful nature firsthand in a relaxed manner. And while the peaks in the Adirondacks aren’t as tall as some of the peaks on the west coast, they more than make up for it with their beauty. The Adirondacks are home to 46 peaks you can visit, and all of them will make for both a challenging and relaxing climb. So, to help you decide which you want to see first, we have put together a list of the best hikes in the Adirondack Mountains, and we hope you find it helpful.

Mount Colden

If you’re a fan of scenic hikes, you won’t be disappointed by Mount Colden. The Mount Colden hiking trail is famous for housing a few spots along the trail worth visiting on their own:

  1. The spot where the Marcy Dam once was gives a beautiful view of both Colden and Wright peaks.
  2. The steep and narrow cut between Colden and Macintyre range swallows up the trail.
  3. There is the Avalanche Pass which is a highlight of the trail that can easily rival canyons and gorges worldwide.

All in all, Mount Colden is easily worth visiting more than once. And while you’re at it, you can consider the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle. Hiking, after all, is a very healthy hobby, so in the long run, you will get both beautiful experiences and a hobby beneficial for your health.

Mount Marcy

We can’t list the best hikes in the Adirondack Mountains without mentioning the highest peak. To make it even better, its original name, Tahawus, translates literally to “cloud splitter” – a name that is quite fitting for the peak. However, its original name and status as the highest peak on the Adirondacks aren’t why Mount Marcy has made the cut. The real reason is the long and gradual approach, followed by a long and steep summit. And to top it all off, Mount Marcy’s peak offers the most commanding view of the Adirondacks. The chance to visit Mount Marcy regularly is why many people have chosen to move to New York. Experts from Best Movers NYC note that many people use their database when wishing to move to New York. Among the most surprising reasons behind their relocation is the desire to explore the Adirondacks without much hassle.

Mount Skylight

While less popular than some other peaks, Mount Skylight is still well worth the visit. It is about as deep as a hiker can get into the High Peaks. Between Mounts Marcy and Skylight lies an intersection that is known as the Four Corners, which gives a very convenient point of access to Skylight’s summit. However, we should note that visits to Mount Skylight make for a very long single-day trip. As such, visits are usually planned as overnighters. Mount Skylight is adjacent to Lake Tear of the Clouds, the highest lake in the state. Mount Skylight’s peak gives a view of a big part of the Adirondacks, and it’s an experience worth having. Who knows – you might become so good at this hobby that you start considering how to make money as a hiker or climber.

Cascade Mountain

Cascade Mountain is the only peak in the Adirondacks whose summit you can see from the beginning of the trail. The summit has beautiful views in all directions, and it is a favorite of beginners or casual hikers for several reasons. The spectacular views combined with quick access make it easy to plan a day trip here. In addition, however, it is a particularly popular choice because those who get an early start on the trail can get to the Cascade Mountain summit in time to see the sunrise. This experience by itself makes it extremely popular with visitors from NYC. And if you are someone who just moved here, this is by far one of the best places to visit after your move to NYC. It might seem like it’s too soon for a weekend getaway from NYC, but there’s no better time to relax than after the move. If you need a break from the big city, there is no better place to go.

Gothics Mountain

Gothics Mountain is the perfect place to go if you want to experience more strenuous hiking sessions without going up to Mount Marcy. The Great Range is a path that snakes through the peaks from route 73 to Mount Marcy. Between peaks on this range, trails drop off, which can make following the chain a grueling experience. On either side of the range, the mountains drop from summits to valleys. Gothics Mountain is in the center of this range, and it offers beautiful views of both the peaks and valleys surrounding it. In a valley from the south side of the range, you can find a dirt road that gives easy access to the range, and about halfway up, the Beaver Meadows Falls Trail leads up to Gothics Mountain. After your hike, consider charming mountain towns in upstate New York that you should visit.

You’ll Love these Adirondack Mountain Hikes

The Adirondack Mountains are home to a series of 46 peaks open to visitors. There are trails suitable for beginners and expert hikers, which makes the Adirondacks accessible to most people. These peaks are worth a visit purely for the experience of the wonderful views they offer – both along the trails and from their peaks. So, if you have the time and are willing to experience some of the most beautiful nature the US has to offer, consider planning a trip to the Adirondack Mountains. We hope you found this list of the best hikes in the Adirondack Mountains helpful.          

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