7 Best Hiking Trails in the Miami Area

When you think about Miami, the first things that come to mind are sandy beaches, warm weather, cocktails, and palm trees. Hiking? Not so much. But, if you think there aren’t some good hiking trails in Miami, you would be mistaken. There are great hiking and running trails in Miami and nearby areas. You need to do some digging to find them. But you won’t have to go through too much trouble on your quest to find them because we are here to help. This article will list some of the best hiking trails in the Miami area. So if you are a hiking enthusiast and are moving to Miami soon, or you are already in Miami but are just starting to be interested in hiking, you came to the right place.

What are the best hiking trails in the Miami Area?

  • Snake Creek Trail
  • Shark Valley Trail
  • Matheson Hammock Park Trail
  • Oleta River State Park
  • Bear Cut Preserve Nature Trail
  • Hugh Birch State Park Loop Trail
  • Anhinga Trail

Snake Creek Trail Park

Snake Creek Trail Park is one of the top spots for the best hiking trails in the Miami area. It’s an asphalt trail located in Miami Dade county, and it’s 6.5 miles long. This is considered one of the more accessible hiking trails. That’s why it’s very family friendly. You can go for a family hike and bring your dog with you (he must be on a leash at all times). It is considered an excellent trail for hiking, road biking, and running. And it is estimated that it takes about 3h 5 min on average to finish it. The trail end points are South Glades Dr. and Miami Dr./N. Glades Dr. and NE 19th Ave. (North Miami Beach), NW 202nd St., and NW 15th Ave. (Norland).

Shark Valley Trail

Shark Valley Trail is located near Hampstead and is part of Everglades National Park. It’s 15.8 miles long. This is also considered one of the more accessible trails even though it takes about 4h 29 min to complete. It is also a pretty popular one, so chances are high that you will run into other people while hiking. It’s not just a hiking trail; this trail is often used for bike riding as well. 

An important thing to know is that dogs are not allowed on this trail with or without a leash. You can go through the Shark Valley Trail in a couple of different ways. You can hike and explore on your own; you can bicycle the trail or take a two-hour tram tour. Whatever you choose, you better show up there early because this is a very popular trail, and many people are waiting to get in.

Matheson Hammock Park Trail

Matheson Hammock Park Trail is an urban park in Miami Dade County, and it spreads across 630 acres. Across those 630 acres, there is an exciting hiking trail. This is one of the shorter trails, and it is 1.4 miles long out and back. This is an excellent trail for a family that just moved to Miami. After you hire a good interstate moving company from Florida and reach Florida with ease, you will want to have a fun family activity so that you can get acquainted with the city. Considering this is one of the shorter and easier trails, it can be an excellent opportunity for a fun family day. But know that near the trail’s end, the terrain gets a little rougher, so be a bit more careful there. You will see exciting wildlife and get to explore the forest as you go. All in all, this is a trail you should not skip if you find yourself in Miami.

Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park is a park on Biscayne Bay. This park was established in 1986 and spreads across 1,043 acres. Inside the park, there is a 2.98-mile loop hiking trail. It’s not the most difficult trail to complete, but it’s not the easiest one. It’s considered moderately challenging, and it takes about 55 minutes to complete. You can bike ride, hike, or take a nice calming walk. Considering it only takes about an hour to complete this trail,

It’s quite popular, so sometimes it can get a little crowded.

Bear Cut Preserve Nature Trail

This is a hiking trail located on the shores of Biscayne Bay. It’s 2.2 miles long and goes three loops, but you can start your hike on a 1.3-mile linear trail that comes before it. Dogs are not allowed in the park, even if they wear a leash. Also, there is an entrance fee. It’s 5 dollars on working days and 7 dollars on weekends. But be prepared for this trail. Bring water, sunscreen, a lot of mosquito repellent, and some essential outdoor gear.

Hugh Birch State Park Trail

Hugh Birch State Park is located in Fort Lauderdale, about 50 minutes away from the center of Miami. It’s a loop trail that’s 1.92 miles long. It takes about 35 minutes to complete, and it’s one of the more accessible trails. You can visit the trail from 8 am until sunset, and it’s open all year round. This a popular route for hiking, bird watching, and biking. You can bring your dogs, but they must always be on a leash. It’s a short trail perfect for a fun family outing.

Anhinga Trail

Anhinga Trail is a hiking trail in Everglades National Park. The trail’s starting point is the Royal Palm Visitor Center, the shortest trail on this list at just 0.8 miles long. This is an exciting trail because you can see incredible wildlife all around. It is common to spot alligators or turtles while hiking on this trail. Bikes are not allowed on the Anhinga trail. This trail is so popular because anyone can come and visit (it’s wheelchair accessible). Also, according to the database from Pro Movers Miami, more and more people choose to move to this exact area of Miami every year. And this incredible park and trail accessible to everyone are, one of the reasons for that.

Final thoughts

This was a list of some of the best hiking trails in the Miami area. There are trails for those more experienced hikers and some easier ones for those just starting. But the most important thing here is to be patient and enjoy your hiking journeyStart slowly with more accessible trails and work your way to the most challenging ones.

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