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Your Ultimate Guide to Dans Mountain State Park

Dans Mountain State Park is a stunning natural haven located in Western Maryland. This park is ideal for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and people seeking a quiet retreat in nature from the rush of daily life. Our guide to Dans Mountain State Park will assist you in getting the most out of your trip if you intend to visit or stay here.

Guide to Dans Mountain State Park

If you plan on visiting or relocating near the park, organizing and being adequately ready is vital. The best way to make your shift to a new location as easy as possible is to hire a reliable moving company to help you and your possessions quickly get here.

Once you’ve settled in, experts from Beltway Movers say you should visit the park’s numerous trails, campgrounds, and picturesque viewpoints. The park offers activities for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts and first-timers eager to try something new.

Therefore, let’s see how you can enjoy this park and maximize your stay here. Read on!

Getting there

The park is in Allegany County, Maryland, near Lonaconing. And fortunately, getting here by car is easy. It would be best to take I-68 to Exit 34 to get to the park, then follow the signs for the park.

Things to Do

You’ll be happy to know that Dans Mountain State Park offers various outdoor activities for visitors of all ages. In the following text, you’ll read about the most popular activities to try out in the park.


There are more than 10 miles of hiking paths in the Park. Luckily, all of them provide breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys. These trails vary on a scale from easy to moderate, so there’s something for everyone.


When it comes to camping, this park has two campgrounds. One of which has electric hookups, while the other one hasn’t. The latter is more appropriate for those who wish to indulge and connect with nature and respect the place surrounding them.

A picture of a bonfire at dusk.


For all our fishermen out there, you’ll be glad to know that the park’s lake is full of trout and bass. That is why this wonderful park is a top-rated destination for fishing enthusiasts. Anglers can also fish in the river Jennings Run, which runs through the park.


Moreover, this park also has a swimming area open for visitors from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Safety is also high; during this period, the beach area is staffed with lifeguards. There are also changing rooms and showers available for use.


And if you’re more for a romantic picnic day, this park offers that too. There are many picnic spots with tables and grills in the park. While savoring a picnic lunch, visitors can take in the park’s beautiful scenery and have fun with friends and family.

Wildlife watching

Ultimately, you can find various animals in the park. Some of the species you’ll most likely see when hiking are:

  • deers,
  • black bears, and
  • wild turkeys.

When should you visit the park?

Visiting the park is available all year round. However, the perfect timing is your time, plans, and preferences. Generally, the best time to visit is from May to October when the weather is nice and dry. 

Moreover, the lake is filled with trout in the spring, making it the ideal time to go if you like to fish. Finally, the park is also beautiful when the leaves change colors in the fall, making it an excellent destination for a scenic drive.

What to bring

When visiting the park, it is crucial to come well-prepared. Therefore, here are the essentials you should bring.

  1. Water – Hydration is essential, especially when hiking long trails like the ones this park offers. 
  2. Insect repellent – This one is a no-brainer when you plan to be out and about exploring nature. Mosquitoes and ticks are in any park. So, it’s best to keep them at bay.
  3. Sunscreen – You should apply sunscreen before going out and keep one on hand, just in case, as sun rays can be harmful even during colder days.
  4. Comfortable shoes – As seen in our guide, the park has plenty of hiking trails, making wearing comfy shoes a must.

Camera – Finally, you’ll indeed find plenty of photo opportunities here. Therefore, having a camera to capture all the natural beauties here is a must.

A girl holding a camera

Where to stay

Several options are available if you’re looking to stay near or at the park, and those are:

  • cabins,
  • hotels, and
  • bed and breakfast accommodations.


The park itself has six cabins available for rent. Each cabin has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The cabins are open all year round. Finally, they each seem perfect for a romantic, rustic getaway.

A wooden cabin in nature.


On the other hand, nearby towns like Frostburg and Cumberland have fabulous hotel offers. There are many options to choose from here, from inexpensive to more luxurious ones.

Bed and breakfast accommodation

Furthermore, you’ll be glad to know a couple of bed&breakfast options are available. This option is usually for a pleasant and more personalized experience. Moreover, some of these accommodations are in rustic homes, offering insight into the area’s rich history and a unique, calming vibe.

Relocating to Maryland

Nevertheless, the park is only one of the numerous outdoor attractions you should put on your must-visit list if you’re considering moving to Maryland. Relocating from Washington, DC, to Maryland is a big shift, but it’s also a great chance to settle down and enjoy everything this area offers.

It would be good to consider hiring interstate movers who can assist you with moving to a new state to make your move as easy as possible and ultimately make Maryland your home. Then, a new and exciting chapter of your life may begin!

Final thoughts 

Our guide to Dans Mountain State Park tried to capture the beauty of this Western Maryland natural haven. Here, you can try out a range of outdoor activities, no matter your age or preference. Therefore, no matter if you’re planning to relocate or just visit, we’re sure you’ll appreciate nature and love spending time here. Good luck!

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