A Skier In Utah, An Artist In Taos And Back To Montana To Check In On Ann!

So nice to come across a blog with a positive and thoughtful message these days. The mountains are my peace so reading about how others feel about their home, their passions, and the magic the mountains bring into their lives is truly a pleasure. Today I found two. A traveling skier based in Utah and an artist living in Taos, New Mexico, both leaving me with that feel good feeling …

Wasatch sunrise, a perspective of Jackson Hole, and champagne powder. Enjoying the ride is absolutely a great one to check out!

”I woke up at 3:45 am and climbed Superior with a photographer and a couple other athletes in the hopes of catching the soft golden light that a clear sunrise brings.”

”Jackson fosters a culture unique that has been lost in many ski towns. It has a hardcore population who are deeply committed to their lifestyle.”

”It is a town that is filled with people who live there simply because they are committed to making the most of their free time. A lot of them have to work twice as hard to afford to live where they do, but that only solidifies the town’s identity.”

A powder day with thoughts around the loss of a very close friend.

”There is nothing quite like perfect powder. The feeling that you are playing with the snow rather than fighting it is one of the most fulfilling and exhilarating feelings in sport. While I know that the bouncing sensation is simply gravity and technology mixed with endorphins, this was different. Today felt as if I were skiing for two.”

Blissful Bohemian. The title peeked my interest, and then I went on to find her writing refreshing and honest (and she happens to live in the small, beautiful mountain town of Taos).

Today she wrote about 10 things she loved that begin with the letter T. These “about me” lists seem to be a popular trend these days. Here are her top three T’s.

” 1. Trees: all types, shapes and sizes. I love all trees, but my favorite trees are the giant redwood trees. I have a dream, most likely not to be realized, to climb a redwood and explore it’s canopy.”

” 2. Twilight: there is a magic that happens right when the sun comes down and the stars come out, we all know it and we all feel it, don’t we?”

” 3. Taos mountain: When I first moved to Taos the mountain moved me to tears every time I saw it looming in front of me.”

This line also made a whole lot of good sense, In regards to the current economy, ”One thing I know for sure is that worry and panic never help a situation, NEVER. Giving into fear about the future will bring about the very future that I fear.”. So true. Wouldn’t you agree?

Finding these blogs had me heading back to one of my favorites that I hadn’t been keeping up with for a while, Ann’s From the Front Porch. Love her writing and her photos just keep getting better. I can see how people fall so madly in love with Montana, mesmerized by all that big sky! I like to daydream from time to time about retiring someday in a nice, quiet, peaceful place in Montana, big sky, big view and a sweet front porch where I could spend my time rockin’ away, simply and joyfully, just taking it all in …

And on that note, enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Thanks Amy! As the quote (John Steinbeck) goes, “I am in love with Montana” and also the west. And with a simple, slow paced life…taking time to “rub the stomaches” (dog and cat!) and simply be.

    As for the economy, my mantra is “Reckless Confidence”.

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