Your First Ski Season? Look Forward To Seeing Big Smiles, Many And Often!

Every time I read a blog entry written by someone who has just recently moved to the mountains or meet someone that has just relocated to a ski town, their sheer joy reminds me of how my first year living in Wyoming completely exceeded my expectations of what I thought it was going to be like living in Jackson Hole. What had I been thinking waiting to move for so long!

There really is quite a bit of positive energy in these mountain towns and luckily it is very contagious. Nothing beats the first day out on the mountain, endless smiles and (hopefully) plenty of light, white powdery snow! Ski season has now begun and locals are out there loving it as much and as often as they can. With current economic conditions, this is a natural kind of therapy that has a way of curing even the most troublesome woes!

Thought it would be a good idea to have someone write about their life as a newbie in a ski town, and their adventures on and off the hill considering so many of our readers are exploring this journey themselves.

Chris, who will be contributing here, struck me as someone who is fully embracing his new life in Jackson Hole. Look forward to him sharing some of his experiences as the Jackson Hole ski season kicks in!

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