5 Essential Tips for Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Beauty Specialist

freelance beauty specialistBeing a freelance beauty specialist means that you have all of these marvelous skills that can transform people. You have worked hard to develop your techniques and you are ready to fill up your schedule with eager clients. Building a loyal client list is required in order to thrive in the beauty business. As a freelancer, it is important that you focus on creating a marketing system that is highly effective.


Customer List Database

One of the most important steps in building your freelance beauty business is to get organized. There needs to be a smart and efficient way to collect and manage clients’ and prospects’ information. Set up an online website that includes an auto-responder. This allows people to leave their name and email upon visiting your site. This information is going to help you build a database list that you can use for marketing purposes. Use an auto-responder service that lets you place names on separate client and prospect lists. These groups can be marketed to in different ways.


Email Newsletter

An email newsletter keeps your client list informed about news and special deals you offer. For example, if you are performing beauty services at a special event, send out an announcement to your list. Stay in touch with them regularly and build a good relationship. This builds your credibility while earning a loyal following.


Promotions Calendar

An easy way to set up a schedule of special promotions is to create a promotions calendar. There are lots of official and unofficial days each month to use as a reason to do something special. Find cool promotional products to give away at http://www.halo.com/promotional-products-new-york.aspx and have a blast making clients feel good. These promotional products can be imprinted with your name and contact details so every time they are used by current and potential customers, you gain marketing exposure.


Social Media Connections

Set up a social media page and post beauty tips and information. People are always seeking ways to look better and you can be the expert they turn to for advice. Stay active and make lots of connections. Soon, word will spread about your services.


Follow Up

It is not enough to make just one initial contact with clients or prospects. Make it a point to always follow up quickly whenever you get questions or inquiries about services. This goes for social media, too. Showing people that you care will help you win lots of clients.


Being a freelance beauty specialist is very rewarding. In order to build a client base you will need a good marketing strategy that is fast, easy and proven to bring in business.

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