5 Tips for Choosing a Career that Fits with Your Lifestyle and Financial Goals

choosing a careerDo you remember what you wanted to be when you were a kid? Perhaps an astronaut or fireman, or even President of the United States? Some children are taught that if they try hard enough, they can be anything. This mindset carries into college, resulting in students choosing their major on a whim. If they choose poorly, they can waste time while racking up a lot of debt and have no definite job after they graduate. In today’s economy, it is great that you want to be an English major, but you more than likely will not be doing what you want after graduating. Instead of asking “what do I want to be when I grow up?” we could ask “what is my dream lifestyle?” Use these five tips to find a career that lets you live the life you have always wanted.


1. Determine How Much You Want to Make

What kind of lifestyle do you want? Do you want to travel and enjoy expensive hobbies? Are you satisfied with the simple life? No matter how you want to live, your dreams have a price tag. Determine how much your dreams actually cost, and you will be able to identify the careers that will enable you to live how you want. You will also need to consider the fact that even the simplest of lives can be expensive, and life always changes. That degree in studio art might allow for you to have fun and live simply while you are young, but are you going to be loaded down with stress and working multiple jobs when you decide to have a family? Thus, it is important to plan well ahead into the future.


2. Know What You Hate

Some jobs aren’t worth it, no matter how much you get paid. As you research possible careers, try to find out what the actual day to day tasks include. Remember that your lifestyle includes your job, since most people will be spending over third of every day at their place of employment. Find one that you will enjoy every day, but that will also allow for you to make the money that you need. You don’t need to love your career more than anything, as many people may tell you, but it is important to have a job that you don’t despise.


3. Count the Cost

Determine what it will take to get into the right career? Does it require skills or schooling? Will you have to take on debt? Any career has costs, no matter whether it is a lower future salary or high amounts of debt spent on schooling. The important thing is to invest the money and time into something that will help you to recoup any initial losses. For example, a law degree simply might not be worth it if you don’t think that you can find a high paying job after your schooling, since those thousands of dollars in debt won’t be going anywhere unless you can be assured a job. The reverse can also be true in some instances. You might want to jump into a certain trade right now, but how much lower is your salary going to be compared to others in the future if you don’t get an education?


4. Ask around

Many jobs have hidden costs that will keep you from experiencing the lifestyle you want. Doctors are well paid, but also have to pay for insurance and they are often on call a large amount of the time, which takes away quality moments that they could spend with their family. Lawyers make good money, but can also have grueling work schedules and they are often limited in the areas that they can work, since BAR exams often only apply to one state. On the opposite side of this spectrum, becoming a real estate agent will definitely give you the time and ability to do what you want, but you might not make very much money in this career path until you have gained years of experience. Since you chose to click here on this article, you are starting a path towards a great career, but it is important to ask people who practice a profession about their lifestyle and what will be expected of you. Be sure a career does not have “hidden costs” you are unwilling to pay.


5. Use specific goals to stay inspired

Landing the perfect career will require time, research and training. You might not even get it right on the first try! Specific goals, such as specific places you want to visit, and purchases you want to make will increase your resolve. For example, if you want to find a job that will allow for you to buy a home. Go and choose out a particular home in a specific area, or even choose out the exact home that you want to purchase. Getting the career of your dreams will take tough work and it can be discouraging, but with constant effort and determination you will be sure to make it.


Finding the right career is about more than just a job you like. With research and hard work, you can enjoy a lifestyle you love.

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