Biking Around America – Alaskan Couple Shares Their Journey

Some how or another, if a blog has some great mountain photos, and an expression of love for the mountains, I come across it.

The one I found today turned out to be particularly special, about an Alaskan Couple touring around America, husband John on a bike, wife Jane in the support vehicle, celebrating how well Jane is doing a year after being diagnosed with breast cancer. You can feel the love of this couple together now 38 years just by reading through the blog.

How inspirational … and take a look at their journey. I started here, Day 101, as Montana often catches my eye; it is such a beautiful state.

They began on April 1, 2008 and the goal is to finish in approximately 120 days.

“They will be riding around the country to raise funds for cancer support and research, as well as awareness about the disease.”

“The proceeds will go to benefit two very worthy organizations – the Susan Butcher Family Center in Anchorage, Alaska, and the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) based in Austin, Texas.”

What a wonderful way to celebrate and raise funds for cancer support and illness … biking around this beautiful country. I am especially touched by this story today as I reflect on a year that has brought on more than a fair share of illness to my own family. I celebrate the progress my own family has made, am inspired to do more to help others and wish them well on the rest of their journey!

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  1. Amy thank you for putting into words your feelings … feelings that so many cannot express.

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