Jackson Hole Ski Pass And Real Estate News – Summer Update

A pleasant change to hear today that not only has Jackson Hole Mountain Resort not raised the prices on the full season pass this year, but in local real estate news, Jack Stout, long time local Real Estate Broker, reports that Jackson Hole is experiencing (somewhat of) a buyer’s market!

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort 2008-2009 Season Pass

Purchase by 8/31/08 to receive these prices

  • Full Season, 128 days, $1,625
  • Full Season, $1,544 for 2007-2008 pass holders (loyalty discount)
  • Weekend Warrior, 38 days, $700
  • 20 day pass, $890
  • 6 day college pass – $250 (new offering)

500 10 day intro passes (100 more than last year) will also be offered at the special rate of $390 starting at 8 am on August 2nd at the season-pass office in Teton Village (get there early!).

TRAMFORMATION will fill you in on the new tram which is expected to be open by December 2008.

As for real estate, I believe this is the first time in a very long time (if ever) that I have seen the phrase, “buyer’s market” in conjunction with Jackson Hole real estate. There is more property available in the $1 million and under range which I know does not excite everybody ($350,000 and everybody’s excited), but it is definitely a positive change from this time last year. There was barely any inventory for sale in the “under a million” category, and when something did come up, it was under contract within a matter of days. You can see from Jack’s Jackson Hole Blog, there are now more properties available and some more negotiating going on.

Jack’s Blog is a good one to keep your eye on if you are thinking about a move to Jackson. He gives you a little bit of real estate and a little bit of lifestyle … a nice mix of what’s going on in the business and social world of Jackson Hole.

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