Clean Record: 5 Crimes That Can Arrest Your Career

5 Common Crimes that can Arrest your Career

Everyone knows that ex-cons have a tough time finding work. However, many people do not realize that even minor offenses can lead to headaches in your current job or on the job market. Here are five common crimes that can stop your career cold.

Petty Theft

No one wants to hire someone who steals. Having an incident of petty theft on your record, defined in most states as theft of money or property valued at less than $100, will prevent you from being hired at virtually any job where you would be required to handle or process money. Retail, banking, finance, and even food service jobs will be off-limits as long as the theft remains on your record.


Violent actions can be a death-knell for job prospects. Even simple assault, in which the other party is typically not injured, can be a danger sign for current potential employers. A record of assaults signifies instability and potential emotional problems which could translate into poor job performance. Given the choice between someone with a simple assault on their record and someone without, employers will always go with the clean record.

Weapons Charges

Much like assault, weapons charges signify immaturity and potential emotional instability. While many Americans enjoy hunting, target-shooting, or gun-collecting as a hobby, violating state and federal gun laws will do irreparable damage your reputation. In this age of public shootings, having an employee convicted of carrying a concealed weapon or owning an illegal gun is a risk many bosses will not be willing to take.

Drunk Driving

Although a misdemeanor in most jurisdictions, having a DUI on your record can destroy a budding career. Drunk-driving charges are nearly impossible to scrub from a record, so even long-ago mistakes can come back to haunt you in a job interview. The fact is that many employers, simply will not hire someone with a DUI on their record. These include bus and trucking companies, police and fire departments, many federal, state, and local governments, and any job that requires significant time behind the wheel. If don’t want to worry about an old DUI coming back to haunt you, you might want to find a good attorney like Ronald Dinan & Associates.

Sex Offenses

Even minor sex offenses can be disastrous. In many jurisdictions sex offenders of any sort are barred from working at schools, day-care centers, or any environment where children are present. Beyond these ramifications, the social stigma that comes with sex offenses makes the offender an unattractive job candidate and will seriously hamper a search for employment.

Minor crimes can and do devastate promising careers, so make sure to keep your record clean to ensure career success.

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