12 Best Jobs Boards for Outdoor & Adventure Jobs

Several go-to internet job boards publish outdoor adventure travel jobs in the United States and overseas for those who want to live an adventurous life in the world’s most stunning locations. This list of adventure travel job boards has it all: cold climate jobs, hot climate jobs, and everything in between.

Seasonal jobs, vagabonding, nomadic travel, summer jobs, work camping—whatever you want to call it—you’ve chosen a unique road in life, and it’s not always easy to traverse. Employee housing is sometimes included in these sorts of positions. Some even provide three hot meals every day. And with a built-in community of employees living together, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure is certain.

1. Mountain Jobs

MountainJobs.com is the number one job board in the United States for eastern and western mountain towns. It receives more than twice as much traffic as the closest competition (about 9000 visitors per month). If you are looking for jobs in small mountain towns (ski resorts, mountain lodges, national parks, etc) then this is the site for you. Working in a mountain town offers various advantages apart from the primary goal of work or earning a living. Being in the mountains during or after the season may be an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true, with the added benefit of being paid to be someplace you like. Employees are chosen for particular positions based on their total skill, experience, and education.

2. Diversify Outdoors

You first notice the bright, relaxed grin that greets you when you visit the Diversify Outdoors Job Board. A pleasant face greeting you before you begin your job hunt is a friendly reminder that the ideal outdoor job is available for everyone who applies. Jobs like Seasonal Horticulturists and Summer Camp Counselors are available.

Diversify Outdoors already has a fantastic reputation for recognizing individuals making a difference in the outside world, so it’s no surprise that their job board would carry on that tradition by linking people to inclusive outdoor & adventure jobs. “The Diversify Outdoors Job Board connects individuals in our community to businesses and NGOs who care about diversity and are actively seeking BIPOC applications,” says Danielle Williams, the creator of the DO job board. It’s one method of getting around some of the industry’s gatekeeping.”

While the site does feature both part-time and temporary opportunities, it may also be a fantastic resource for people wishing to start a full-time career. In addition, it’s a must-visit site for people looking for a serious career move, with opportunities like Program Instructor and Director of Finance and Administration.

3. Greening Youth Foundation Careers

The Greening Youth Foundation Careers has always prioritized inspiring HBCUI (Historically Black Colleges, Universities, and Internships) students and disenfranchised youth to connect with the environment by supporting vocations in biology, sociology, history, and science. In addition, GYF job candidates may be certain that they will discover jobs that support a more sustainable and safeguarded future for nature thanks to a specific collaboration with State and National Park administrations.

Getting active with the Park System may be daunting since roles are frequently considered elite and desirable. The Greening Youth Foundation alleviates this apprehension by informing job applicants that they are qualified for these roles and that GYF can assist them in obtaining them.

4. Camber Outdoors Job Board

Camber Outdoors, like many other job boards featured, welcomes job searchers with a dedication to inclusion and diversity in the workplace. According to the website, the jobs they advertise “…know that attracting, retaining, and advancing diverse people will generate more innovation and solve larger issues.”

Because most positions are classified by firm or organization, this site is ideal for people wishing to work for a particular brand. And with over 250 firms to select from, you’ll never be short of opportunities. For example, REI, Black Diamond, and Gear Aide are included in Chamber Outdoors, as are groups like Arizona Conversation and Oregon Outdoor School, which concentrate on education rather than branding. Camber Outdoors can link you with the perfect firm in any industry.

5. Green Jobs Board

Green Jobs Board is  an excellent resource for advancing your career in the environmental field. With ties with well-known organizations such as the Sierra Club and Friends of the Earth, you’ll be able to interact with organizations with a history of environmental preservation and conservation.

Green job board is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a serious full-time career in the environmental field since many of the positions advertised are for degree holders or experienced experts. These roles, with names like Manager, Director, Organizer, and Coordinator, will immerse you in the science, policy, and technology underlying outdoor enjoyment and preservation.

6. BackdoorJobs

BackdoorJobs is a vast, reputable, well-established job board dedicated particularly to adventurers in the United States. They provide a fantastic assortment of jobs for outdoor lovers. Camp and ranch roles, agricultural labor, conservation, hiking and biking, cross-country travel, and a few luxury vacations overseas are all available. They also offer more tame customer service opportunities for nature enthusiasts who don’t want to work outdoors.

Some of the jobs mentioned here will need more outdoor experience, but there are also entry-level opportunities.

7. Coolworks

Coolwork is a popular destination for seasoned travel professionals. They often include outdoor adventure jobs in their job listings. They strongly emphasize the western United States and Alaska, where nature enthusiasts have several opportunities. Many advertised positions provide accommodation and board, making moving from place to place as easy as packing your belongings.

Many of the jobs featured on CoolWorks are in the hospitality and guest service industries, and we consider them “Jobs in Great Places.” There are also several opportunities for outdoor adventure, education, conservation, and environmental work.

Employers frequently use this website outside of the service business. Examples include Conservation Corps, Organic Farms and Gardens, Alaska Fisheries, Wilderness Therapy Programs, Outdoor Educational Programs, and Non-Profit Organizations.

8. Adventure jobs

Adventure jobs is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that focuses on the demands of the outdoor sector. Employers from around the globe may submit and manage available jobs and potential applicants during the application process.

Multiple recruiting managers may post positions, monitor applications, and discuss applicants. Communication with prospects, checking application progress, and even introducing new prospective candidates to open jobs are all part of this. Adventureworkers.com is your one-stop shop for locating the perfect personnel for all of your requirements!

Adventure Job Board is a medium-sized job board for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Most of the job is adventure-based, such as sea kayaking and horseback riding, although there are also sales and hospitality positions available. In addition, there are sometimes job postings for positions overseas.

They have worked and lived in some of the most beautiful areas on the planet. The experiences that come with a seasonal and full-time job in daring situations are life-changing. They created this Applicant Tracking System for the outdoor business to share such chances with enthusiastic job searchers while connecting companies with the finest available prospects.


Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation for the outdoors and outdoor activities promotes the importance of outdoor recreation. They urge everyone to come outside and participate in outdoor activities. Formerly known as the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation, the organization was founded in 1996 as a non-profit organization representing a coalition of outdoor recreation organizations to lobby on behalf of the sector.

In Australia, a small board called QORF (Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation) encourages individuals to “enjoy life outside” by taking up careers as expedition guides, field teachers, and other such adventure professions.

One of the primary reasons for founding QORF / Outdoors Queensland was to facilitate dialogue on outdoor recreation-related problems between various user groups and levels of government. Outdoors Queensland reflects the range of viewpoints in the outdoor recreation industry on any topic and does not, in most situations, seek agreement. Instead, outdoors Queensland allows outdoor recreation users to exchange ideas, debate concerns, network, influence policy, and promote outdoor recreation.

10. Good Work

Good Work focuses on “green” occupations in the environmental area. Jobs with employee housing aren’t their specialty, although several are available on-site. They include “typical” ski resort occupations, snowshoe excursions, agricultural labor, conservation, and a few internships. The majority of roles are in Canada, with a handful outside.

For over 21 years, GoodWork has been assisting Canada’s environmental community in prospering and growing. They assist green businesses in finding committed employees, managers, consultants, board members, interns, and volunteers.

They are a mission-driven organization that works with environmental groups and activists from coast to coast. 

11. Anywork Anywhere

Anywork Anywhere has assisted thousands of individuals in finding their ideal job abroad since 2001, with ongoing opportunities in beautiful places worldwide. Sophie Glandorf and Graham Stanbury, with ten years of experience in HR/Recruitment and the travel business, took over the company in 2018. They wanted to establish a brand that merged both industries to enable adventurous job seekers to expand their careers abroad.

The Anywork Anywhere staff is scattered across many countries, with the quaint HQ located in an old school in Amsterdam’s West End. Their travel-obsessed small company contains seven different nationalities from all around Europe. Most of the team has lived and worked abroad, so they understand the adventure their applicants take.

12. WanderJobs

WanderJobs is a large job board that lists outdoor adventure jobs in the United States and internationally, many of which are entry-level. For example, ski and snowboard instructor employment, trail guide jobs, water sports, boating jobs, ranch and wilderness lodge jobs, and more are available. There are also many hotels, food & beverage, and customer service opportunities for lighter travelers.

Unlike many other boards, jobs must be vetted by a staff member before they are listed. This filter prohibits large pay-to-work and pay-to-volunteer-vacation organizations from extorting money from job searchers. All positions are compensated (this is not a volunteer or work-exchange board) and must offer employee housing.

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