8 Beautiful Mountains in Texas to Explore

There aren’t enough pages in the book to describe everything Texas has to offer, and it doesn’t disappoint in the mountain department either. There are eight beautiful mountains in Texas that any mountaineer must put on their must-see list when visiting Texas. But, you would enjoy visiting these locations even if you are not crazy about rock climbing and spending hours walking the steep terrains. The wildlife one can see there is mesmerizing and somehow finds a way to leave a strong impression on every visitor.

#1 Mescalero Mountain is an area where nature comes first

This rather enormous massif is part of the Davis Mountains. What places Mescalero Mountain on the list of the most beautiful mountains in Texas is its unspoiled nature. As it belongs to The Natural conservancy, access to it was allowed a few days a year for a long time. That is why this area retains its wild charm that is worth visiting. The biodiversity here is stunning since many species of animals and plants have flourished here in seclusion. The mountain towers over the Chihuahuan desert, thus forming a sort of ecological island where one can find living things that do not occur anywhere else in Texas. If you plan to visit Mescalero Mountain, research the open days and visiting requirements.

#2 When visiting beautiful mountains in Texas, Guadalupe Peak is a must-see

Have you ever hiked along a coral reef? At Guadalupe Peak, you can do just that. Reaching the impressive heights of 8,751 ft., it’s the highest point in Texas. This fact alone is enough to persuade any hiking enthusiast to visit Guadalupe Peak, at the Guadalupe Mountains, which are most certainly one of the most beautiful mountains in Texas. If you happen to decide to live in El Paso, which according to the experts from Heavenly Moving and Storage, an increasing number of people are doing, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Guadalupe Peak.

It is located near this enchanting city. What is also unique about this mountain is that it is home to a large number of animal species. To be precise, besides gray foxes, elk, porcupines, lizards, black bears, and mountain lions which are the most numerous, there are over 280 bird species and many other kinds of mammals and reptiles. Animal admirers have many reasons to visit Guadalupe Peak.

#3 Hunter Peak, a mix of rocks and pines

Also part of the Guadalupe Mountains, Hunter Peak will mesmerize you with its pine forest landscape. You might hear occasional owls and hummingbirds or bump into a busy badger during your hike around this place. Several loop trails are ready to take all nature lovers to the summit. The south side of Hunter Peak is nothing but a vast desert, whereas the north side is rocky and foresty. A fantastic view you shouldn’t miss if you are in the neighborhood.

#4 Go to El Capitan if you want to break a sweat

This is the eighth-highest peak in Texas, and it is a challenge to reach. There is no comfortable trail one can take to get to El Capitan. If you want to reach it, you must first ascend Guadalupe Mountain. From there, you will have to go through the bushes and trees and eventually find your way to the top.

The effort is worth it as you will witness a breathtaking view and create surreal photos there. Our advice is to visit it in the autumn, which is the most favorable time to make the climb. So, arm yourself with the right amount of energy and climbing equipment for a safe and exciting experience you will never forget.

#5 Eagle Peak in Eagle Mountains offers a peaceful and lonely hike

To the most adventurous of people, we suggest visiting Eagle Peak. First of all, it isn’t flowing with tourists and hikers for two reasons. Reason number one is that most people think this mountain peak is on private property. Although this is true, access is not forbidden all the time. The second reason is that mountain-loving people rarely visit this area due to its proximity to the Mexican border.

On top of all that, to reach it, you would have to go on a longish drive along the backcountry dirt roads, although that can be interesting to some. If all this sounds exciting to you, there is no reason not to visit this untouched nature spot. Prepare yourself well for a thrilling yet safe hike and make some fantastic memories.

#6 Goat Mountain – a geologist’s dream

Geologists, here’s a place you cannot miss. Once upon a time, there was a river valley where lava used to flow. For that reason, Goat Mountain is now a rare mix of various types of minerals, and that alone is an excellent reason to see it. Those who prefer nature without any traces of humankind will also be pleased with this area since there are no formed trails. So basically, bushwalking and exploring minerals are what you can do here, with a grand finale of a stunning view that awaits those that reach the summit.

#7 Amon-Carter Peak, the most popular among the mountain-lovers

Within the Chisos Mountains, there is a very popular hiking destination called Amon-Carter Peak. From bushwalking to Class 3 – 4 scrambling, this is no piece of cake for anyone, yet it is diverse, fun, and a go-to destination. If you happen to be moving to a city in Brewster County, where Amon-Carter Peak awaits, and you are a nature-loving, sporty person, it would be good to come and visit this picturesque site and get to know the area a bit. It might easily become your favorite weekend destination. Amon-Carter Peak technically belongs to Big Bend National Park, so it has an entry fee. The ideal time to visit would be in that transition period between autumn and spring to avoid the searing heat common in this part of the country.

#8 Hikers and climbers with lots of experience should go to Fresno Peak

The most experienced and daring hikers and climbers should visit Fresno Peak. An interesting fact – it is 15 miles away from the nearest road. So, the journey to conquering this peak starts long before you even come near it. On top of that, Fresno Peak is surrounded by harsh desert, so it is not recommendable to hiking newbies. Nevertheless, any good adrenaline-seeking mountaineer will tell you all these difficulties make this area even more inviting for many. If you are one of those, grab your gear, even the camping one, and dive into the flora and fauna that Fresno Peak is carefully guarding.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an experienced and adrenaline-seeking hiker or just a regular guy or a gal with a desire to spend some time enjoying nature in its purest form, Texas has what you want. Gather the necessary equipment and energy and visit some or all of these eight beautiful mountains in Texas. It will be an experience to remember.

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