Job Posting Sites for Small Businesses in Colorado

Finding new employees can be exciting, but it can also be difficult and many people are not sure where to even begin when looking for new hires. Thankfully, many sites on the Internet can help small businesses post jobs to find solid potential employees and allow them to apply online. If you operate a Colorado small business and are in need of workers, the following job posting sites may help you build the perfect employee. 


MountainJobs prides itself on being “#1 job site for eastern and western mountain towns” throughout the United States, boasting an impressive 9,000 website visitors each month. The job posting process is just about as easy as it gets, with small business owners simply needing to fill out a form. From full-time ski lift operators to part-time seasonal lodge clerks, MountainJobs offer all sorts of jobs at resorts and in national parks plus the surrounding areas. 

A “Basic” listing (visible for 30 days) costs $49 and a “Featured” listing (visible for 45 days) is $69. You can become a member to make the process even quicker and more affordable, and this includes packages ranging from $200 to $800 a month – or you can create your own custom package. If your small business is a non-profit organization, you can get 50% off. 

Built In Colorado

If you are operating a technology firm – especially a startup one – Built in Colorado is a fantastic place to post available jobs. The company says that over 6,100 job searches are conducted per month and this job posting website is utilized by various major technology firms including Zoom and HealthGrades. The site is best for listing positions such as software engineers, front end developers, account managers, data scientists, and basically any position you may need to fill for your Colorado small business. The website also provides average salaries for each position so you can get an idea of what price points other businesses are hiring at. 

You can create custom editorial and video content, and the website has different subscription options to choose from. One job slot currently costs $69 a month while three job slots cost $199, and there are also “standard” and “premium” packages that will come at varied prices. Built In also operates in other cities that have been deemed major “tech hubs” should you choose to expand your company and hire people in those places. 

Colorado Job Hub

Colorado Job Hub is another excellent option to find local talent in your area. The site is already used by prominent companies such as FedEx, Lockheed Martin, and Progressive Insurance, so you know it can be trusted. Even though these are large corporations, Colorado Job Hub mainly caters to small- and medium-sized businesses like yours and has a wide range of business partners who utilize its recruiting services. 

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado Job Hub supports businesses throughout all industries including accounting/finance, healthcare and biotechnology, law enforcement, nonprofit business, purchasing, and management. The website also allows employers to post internship opportunities for students. Prices will vary based on usage. 

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Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List

Operating for almost 25 years now, Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List may be the best place for you to post job listings for your Colorado small business. Current metrics show that over 35,000 people are subscribed to the company’s weekly newsletter and “hundreds of thousands more” visit the site monthly. The company says that a recent survey found that “70% of employers posting jobs found Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List the best site for finding new employees,” and over 1,000 jobs are posted on the site each month. 

Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List also holds Career Bootcamps as well as job fairs that small businesses in Colorado can sign up for. Single 30-day job posts cost $250 and nonprofit job posts cost $150. Internship job posts cost $25, and Colorado small business owners can “unlock” a potential hire’s profile for $20. The company also offers a slew of packages and add-ons for business owners who have a large amount of jobs to post and/or want more perks and profile unlocks. 

Now Hiring Colorado

Now Hiring Colorado is easy to use and you may just land your next employee with it. The company knows that posting local jobs in a national database can be frustrating and make companies miss out on opportunities, so it keeps the jobs within the State of Colorado. Job seekers can use the site for free, meaning more people will want to use it and there is a higher chance of your listings being seen. Business owners are also given the option to seek out employees by filtering out candidates that might be great fits – all at no cost. 

Now Hiring Colorado allows job postings from large industries such as government to smaller niches like construction. A pack of five featured listings, which are posted higher than non-featured ones on the job board, costs $399 and an unlimited amount of featured listings costs $599. Featured listings include your company logo, five photos, a video, and a link to your company’s website. Should you choose to post jobs one at a time, the cost for a basic, non-featured 30-day listing with the same information is $59. 

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Colorado Bar Association

If you operate a small law firm or another business within the legal industry, the Colorado Bar Association (CBA) has its own section where employers seeking employees can post available positions. Pricing is transparent, as the price for a 30-day listing is $350 for non-CBA members and $200 for CBA members. Jobs you can post on the website include positions for attorneys and paralegals, law clerks, hearing officers, legal administrative staff, and more. Small business owners simply need to create an account before listing any open position(s). 

MetroDenver Jobs

MetroDenver Jobs is highly committed to connecting potential employers with employees of diverse backgrounds. The website is heavily used by job seekers and has tens of thousands of jobs ranging from drill operators to nurses and customer service representatives, so your small business’s position is likely to get many applicants. 

MetroDenver Jobs has various pricing plans, including a single job posting package ($275 for 30 days or $295 for 60 days) and a 3, 5, or 10 job posting package ranging from $840 to $2,500. There are also options for “featured tags” as well as a local recruiting subscription, which you can get more information about by requesting a demo. 

Colorado Nonprofit Association

The Colorado Nonprofit Association allows nonprofit business owners in Colorado to post jobs and internship opportunities on its website. Nonprofit employers from all over the state can post on the job board, which includes those in metro areas as well as statewide and regional areas. Some nonprofits that already utilize this job board include Make-A-Wish Colorado and the Food Bank for Larimer County. 

Members of the association get 50 free job posts annually, and internship opportunities are free. Non-members pay $135 for a job listing with the option to upgrade it to a boosted ($200) or premium ($300) listing. The submission process is a simple form to fill out, and you can have your posting active in no time. 


While ZipRecruiter allows employers to post jobs nationwide, it generally does a much better job of filtering jobs by state than some other larger options available today. The website is extremely easy to use, and its service is very unique in that ZipRecruiter will actually get in touch with potential candidates through daily alerts and invite them to apply to your job – you don’t even have to search for them! Pricing for ZipRecruiter varies greatly based on your small business’s needs, so you’ll need to create an account and see what options are available to you. However, you can try the Standard or Premium package for free to begin with. 


As with ZipRecruiter, Colorado small business owners may not want to rule out Indeed as a job posting service just because it is not geared solely towards Coloradoans. The service makes it incredibly easy to post a job, and it can be done within minutes. Many jobs can be posted for free; however, unique to Indeed, employers can basically set their own budget and Indeed’s algorithms work to stay within those guidelines if they need more than just the basics. Job posts can be “sponsored” for an extra charge, and these would be shown more to job seekers. 

Ultimately, there is no shortage of job posting sites for small businesses in Colorado, and based on your budget and what kind of small business you own, any of the options outlined above may be the best option for you when seeking new talent. 

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