3 Tips For Negotiating Your New Job Salary

Starting a new job is always challenging, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional looking for a change. Getting a salary that matches your expectations is the trickiest part. Unfortunately, most candidates are not comfortable with the money conversation. If you fail to negotiate, you may land a job that does not pay well enough. Moreover, there is always a chance of experiencing frustration in your role when you are not happy with the compensation. It is always better to work your way up to an optimal package by negotiating before joining a company. But salary negotiation is a craft most people fail to master. Let us share some valuable tips for negotiating your new job salary.

Do your homework

Being as informed as possible gives you a good start with salary negotiation. You must get a current view of the compensation landscape in your industry and role. It is even better to dig deep at a company level. For instance, you can check Facebook pay scales for software development roles if you have a Facebook offer. Fortunately, websites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn can give you a fair idea of the going rates for your position, skillset, and experience level. Remember to adjust the figures for your geographic area because salary depends on the cost of living. Knowing these facts puts you in a better place to negotiate higher pay.

Factor in benefits and perks

Salary negotiations can be tricky for employees because it goes beyond the basic pay. You may get a high basic salary with one organization, but another could be far better because of more benefits and perks. Go through company-specific perks in the first place. For example, Facebook salary negotiation is much easier if you know the entire deal. You must consider the add-ons like health insurance coverage, flexible hours, vacation days, and retirement savings plans while comparing offers. Think beyond the basics and check other factors, such as wellness centers and professional development opportunities, as some companies have them for employees.

Ramp up your communication skills

While a good understanding of figures gives you a head start with salary negotiation, much depends on how you communicate with the recruiter. The best way to do it is by ramping up your communication skills to state your expectations confidently and convincingly. You can even practice the money conversation by asking a friend or mentor to help. Enacting the situation is a good way to gain confidence and fare better when you deal with a hiring manager down the road. You also need to know when to wrap up the negotiations because taking it too far can risk the opportunity. Even if you get the expected compensation, you may end up beginning on a sour note.

There is no magic bullet for negotiating job offers successfully, but you can get a good start with awareness, conviction, and patience. The right attitude is also crucial for first-timers and experienced workers. You can follow these tried and tested tips to cover all fronts.

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