6 Lucrative Careers That Don’t Require a Degree

With the high costs of acquiring a university degree today, it’s no doubt that more people are considering the possibility of not attending uni altogether.

If you do choose this route, rest assured that this does not mean you have to settle for low paying jobs all through your career.

Without a doubt, there are numerous jobs you can look into that focus more on experience and time spent learning the trade, over and above a piece of paper.

Here are some examples.

1. Fitness Manager

Trainer and client discussing her progress at the gym

Careers in the fitness industry have grown immensely in the last decade or so.

70% of Australians live sedentary or have low levels of physical activity. This has posed significant health risks to the population and an enormous financial burden to the government.

In recent times, this realization has sparked numerous campaigns on the importance of getting active and keeping fit.

This is the backdrop against which fitness careers are thriving. Fitness managers recruit, train, and supervise staff in health clubs. Many in this field have a degree in health management of physical certification. You can still get there without higher education if you have significant experience.

2. Construction Management

This involves overseeing and directing residential and commercial building projects. You will also manage both staff and contractors.

And you can reach this position with a certificate or Diploma in building and construction.

You can also take other jobs in construction that are not necessarily in construction management. Most of these will require training and a license in high-risk work.

3. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents help people find and buy houses as well as sell them. Each successful sale earns you a commission.

With a high school diploma or its equivalent, alongside some real estate training, you can get a real estate agent license. But you need more than the license to succeed. Your planning, organizing, selling, and people skills will significantly determine how well you will do in this industry.

Once you start practicing, you can opt to work full time or part-time. Most people like having this option and the flexibility it brings.

You will also earn a commission per house sold, meaning your earning potential is solely dependent on your tenacity and hard work.

4. Pilot

While many pilots have degrees in aircraft operations, this is not the only route to become one.

Another way to go about it is by taking private flying lessons where the requirement is to obtain at least 200 hours’ worth of experience.

There are also companies that pick candidates based on their potential for pilot training.

A third option is the Australian Air Force.

5. Farm Manager

With a solid work experience handling farming activities, you can be a good candidate to take up a farm management role without necessarily having a degree.

This is largely because the necessary skills such as animal husbandry and crop production are acquirable on the job, or through taking TAFE courses. Diplomas in agriculture can also set you on the career path.

In this job, you will be in charge of running farm operations and optimizing productivity and profitability.

6. Mining Professionals

The Australian economy relies significantly on the mining industry.

Granted, the intricacies of the high-tech mining industry do require some form of tertiary training. However, there are numerous entry-level positions that can be filled by non-degree holders.

Qualifications aside, these jobs pay incredibly well.

In a Nutshell

A satisfying, well-paying career is no longer solely dependent on a degree.

This list only offers a glimpse into some of the more lucrative careers you can get into without a degree but without fore-going a comfortable pay package.

Consider these and others to identify the best fit for you.

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