How Much Do Remote Digital Marketing Jobs Pay In Missouri?

In this digital era, the need for digital marketing is rapidly rising. It allows businesses to grow on social media and the internet rather than utilizing conventional marketing tactics

After Covid-19, several full-time digital marketing job opportunities have shifted to remote or hybrid work. Since you can pursue this profession solely using a computer, it is not location dependent. 

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that comprises other specialized jobs catered to a specific job requirement. 

Let’s learn more about digital marketing jobs’ different aspects and how much they pay for remote ones in Missouri. 

What Does a Digital Marketer Do? 

A digital marketer overlooks the online campaigns for a business’s products or services. They may also look after the campaigns for an organization without promoting any specific product. 

A digital marketer will mainly work on making long-term campaigns by continuously running short-term ads that support the objectives of the organization or business. 

For that, they will run Google ads,  manage the e-commerce store, look after the social media profiles, and schedule, plus write blogs and email newsletters. 

The aim is to drive more traffic and sales to the business or increase brand awareness. All along, they will track the digital analytics to understand engagement, track purchase behavior, and gets metrics on traffic. 

What Does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do? 

A digital marketing specialist is not an entry-level role. Most companies will require at least two to three years of experience for this position. 

Like digital marketers, they will execute online campaigns on social media, email, and search marketing. 

Besides that, they will also ensure the accounts are progressing on the allotted budget, perform competitive analysis, keep an eye out for industry trends, and incorporate them into their strategy. 

They will use data to give the client recommendations to increase their growth. Basically, a specialist will not only make the campaigns but also monitor them. 

What Does Digital Marketing Entail? 

Digital marketing involves a lot of work which can be divided into various categories. Companies can hire a few people to be digital marketers or separate employees for each position. 

Social Media Specialist

  • A social media specialist looks after the social media accounts by creating a strategy. 
  • They create content, track analytics, and devise reports for progress. 
  • The salary of a remote or in-house social media specialist can begin from $43,179 per year. 

SEO Specialist 

  • Whether the company owns social media or a website, On-page, Off-page, Local, and Technical SEO are a requirement to leverage your content higher. An SEO specialist will strategize and create content to rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page. 
  • They will perform competition analysis, keyword density, and revamp content to reach the target audience faster. 
  • An SEO Specialist may have an average salary ranging from $54,056 to 

$68,500 per year. 


  • Copywriters are responsible for writing content for marketing materials such as ads, social media posts, blogs, and emails. 
  • They collaborate with other creatives in the team, such as graphic designers, videographers, web developers, and photographers, to make captivating posts. 
  • A copywriter can earn up to $51, 995 per year 

User Experience Designer 

  • A UX designer makes user-friendly websites, digital products, and mobile apps. 
  • They perform competition analysis, look into market research and troubleshoot issues and usability tests to ensure that digital products, websites, and apps provide a user-friendly experience. 
  • The average salary of a UX designer is $89,839 per year. 

Other Jobs in Digital Marketing

  • Graphic Designer: A graphic designer is responsible for the posts and artwork. They earn up to $51,088 per year. 
  • Photographer: Pictures of products are required for a marketing campaign. Their average salary is $39,849 per year.
  • Marketing Analyst: They research trends and consumer behavior to bring new products and services. A marketing analyst can earn up to $59,127 per year. 
  • Content Strategist: They plan what visual and written content the target audience likes and make content accordingly. The salary of a content strategist is around $63,177 per year. 

Besides these, other jobs such as videographer, creative director, project manager, and e-commerce manager are an extension of the digital marketer role. 

Through assertiveness training, you can boost your skillset and progress in any of these marketing roles. The big question arises, how much will a digital marketing job pay remotely? 

Salary of Remote Digital Marketing Jobs in Missouri

Digital marketing involving conversion rate optimization is on the rise, resulting in higher ROI and leads. Companies in Missouri are no strangers to its rising potential. 

Since several companies like Vectis Marketing have adopted the hybrid or remote work environment, hence, the salaries for remote workers are equally competitive. 

The average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager is $122,043 per year. However, it can range from $106,882 to $136,659.

Entry-level remote jobs may also begin from $60,000 annually. Therefore, if you aim to apply for a remote job under the digital marketing umbrella, upscale yourself to get the best package.

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