Top 7 Hiking Trails Near Boise, ID

The City of Boise seems to have been designed by a true nature lover. No matter where you are, you’ll have quick access to some of the adventurous outdoor activities this city so lovingly nurtures. From skiing to rafting, people who prefer an active lifestyle mostly spent in nature will be happy living there. Naturally, there are some excellent hiking trails near Boise. Here are the top 7 such trails you must explore if you like this activity that is healthy on so many levels.

1. Table Rock Trail – a walk toward a fabulous view of the city

This trail will give you an excellent view of the city. It is a bit of an uphill walk. So you will have to put in a bit more effort than you would in an easy hike, but it is worth it. At the top, you will also find a big cross standing tall for over 60 years. This trail’s starting point is the Old Penitentiary parking. You can also choose a looping option and have a different hiking experience.

Those not looking to break too much sweat but simply enjoy their time in nature can take a Castle Rock Trail that begins from the same point but goes in a different direction. This last trail is the easiest one too. The terrain can become too muddy in the rain and snow. So it is best to explore this trail in dry weather.

2. Cervidae Peak – a hard trail for hard-core hikers

Mere 17 miles away from Boise, you can find a challenging trail to interest the most adventurous of expert hikers. It is rated a black diamond trail and requires a top-notch physical fitness level. You’ll need about an hour to complete it, and you can also have your dog with you. This trail is available throughout the year, offering different conditions to have you enjoy it each time as if you were there for the first time.

3. Adelmann Mine – a hike with a historic twist to it

One of the main reasons people choose to move to Boise is the remarkable selection of spots for outdoor activities. Just a few miles away from this charming city’s center, there’s a very cool hiking trail called the Adelmann Mine Trail. History buffs will love this one because it leads to the abandoned gold mine you can check out. Given that this trail is moderate and will take you between 2.5 and 3.5 hours to complete, stopping halfway through to do some picnicking might be a good idea.

The opportunities for outdoor activities in the Boise area make it clear you’ll need your full sports equipment and clothes if you decide to move to this great city. The moving and storage experts from Peasley Transfer & Storage Boise advise their clients to take all their sports equipment with them, even if it means taking out a storage unit to put it all somewhere. It would be a shame to miss out on some of these incredible activities only because you left your stuff back at your old place.

4. Around the Mountain Trail – see the ski resort in a different light

In winter, the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is overflowing with skiers and snowboarders riding the chairlift and speeding down joyfully. But in June, when the last stubborn piles of snow vanish, this area attracts a different kind of crowd. Hikers and mountain bikers come to go along a longish Around the Mountain Trail that can take you literally around the mountain. This can especially be interesting to skiers as it will give them a different perspective on the mountain they usually encounter draped in pristine white snowy coats.

5. Camel’s Back Trails Loop – a trail where you’ll not be alone

Not everyone prefers solitude when hiking, and those that don’t should pick the Camel’s Back Trails Loop as their next destination. It is popular, hence crowded. Don’t forget that an SPF and a hat are a must during sunny days. This trail can become a bit muddy, so remember that information when choosing your outfit. The new residents of Boise can take this trail because it’s not that far away from the city center. And it will make them understand this city’s unique relationship with nature and sports. So, after looking for moving services in Boise and putting your relocation in motion, take some time to give your new life a proper inauguration – a hike to celebrate your new life chapter. Camel’s Back Trails Loop won’t disappoint you.

6. Oregon Trail Reserve

The trail in Oregon Trail does not primarily have a hiking connotation. It refers to the very long route our ancestors took from Missouri to Oregon in search of prosperity. Today, part of this route is one of the hiking trails near Boise, ID. You should check it out. It is easy to complete and educational as well.

7. Goose Creek Falls – one of the best hiking trails near Boise

When you have a bit more time on your hands, head to Goose Creek Falls to experience one of the most picturesque hikes in this part of the world. You’ll have to drive for about 2.5 hours. This trail includes walking through a forest with impressive pine trees and Douglas firs, to name a few. There’s a wooden bridge to cross and a creek to encounter. Finally, the trail leads to a beautiful 60-feet high waterfall. The two- or three-hour hike through the best of nature provides a perfect opportunity to actively cleanse your thoughts and expel the build-up of bad energy from within. If you want to make money by taking vivid pictures while hiking, this is a perfect place. Overall, this place makes a powerful positive impression on everyone who comes to it.


Although opinions might differ in accordance with people’s tastes and needs, these hiking trails near Boise are great to explore when you want to spend some healthy time in nature. But don’t just read about it. Go there and check them out. It will be nothing less than an unforgettable experience.

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