How To Find The Best Job For Your Gap Year

For many students across countries, the gap year refers to that year after graduating from high school and before going to university. Some students automatically go to university, while there are those who take that break, or the gap year. Most young individuals who decide on a gap year travel and do jobs here and there to support them during that period.

However, the decision to work during your gap year isn’t something you should take lightly. You should know what you want and have a list of prospective jobs you’ll apply for in the destinations you’re going to. It’s a lot for a young person to do, but many of those who’ve actually experienced working during their gap year will convince you of the many benefits and life lessons you can gain from it.

If you’re also planning on making the most out of your gap year through working, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll gain some ideas on how you can find the best job for your gap year.

Ask Friends Who Have Done It As Well

First on this list is one of the most apparent ways to find the best job for your gap year. There’s no better resource you can have than those older friends of yours who’ve also gone through the same and have applied to opportunities like Ace Summer Jobs and many others.

Ask your friends for tips and ideas, but never at the last minute. Be sure to start planning at least six months prior to your graduation. This will give you enough time to plan thoroughly, so as to avoid any of the bumps that come with working during that gap year.

One of the advantages of asking friends who’ve gone through the gap year is you can also trust their advice. You know they’ll never recommend any job or job provider to you that isn’t safe or trustworthy.

Look For Volunteer Work

Not all jobs during your gap year will have you receiving a salary. After all, you have to consider, too, your lack of experience and the temporary nature of your stay in that country. If your parents have decided to help you out financially during your gap year, then one of the best ways to find jobs during that year is to approach organizations, charities, and small-time farms looking for volunteers.

Yes, you’re not going to get paid. But, the experience you’ll gain during that volunteer experience will be valuable for your adult life. In fact, it’s still work experience you can place in your resume. It can often help your resume stand out when you’ve shown proof of volunteer work.

Typically, the arrangement with volunteer work is you’re provided with free board and lodging, as well as meals while you’re on the premises. This is very common with family-run farms, lodges, and hotels. It’s a good enough trade-off; that way, you and your parents will only have to worry about your pocket money or allowance.

Take An Internship

If you’re living abroad during your gap year or if you’re planning to study abroad for your university education, taking an internship in those countries you’re headed off to is another good way to find the best jobs.

The key is for you to find an internship that’s directly related to the course you’re planning to take in the university. By doing so, you may gain enough valuable work experience to beef up your knowledge of the field you’re planning to take. That’s an advanced hands-on experience you may not have had, if you hadn’t taken that gap year.

Learn A New Language

This is the reason why it’s important to start planning for your gap year early on. Giving yourself at least half a year to learn the language of the countries you’re planning to live in during your gap year can help increase your employability.

You can be accepted to more jobs when you actually speak the local language. Remember that you’re not going to get accepted into formal, office, and professional jobs reserved only for those with the credentials of a college graduate. Rather, you’re going more in the lines of part-time and summer jobs for high school graduates looking for experience.

To qualify for such, you’ll at least have to learn the basics of the language. For instance, how can you work in the supermarket or department store as a sales associate if you don’t speak the language?


For many high school students, the idea of jumping right into college life after graduation is scary. You don’t even know what you want yet. You don’t know what opportunities are out there. You want time for self-discovery and, perhaps, travel, too. This is where the idea of taking a gap year comes in. And, to make that experience more worthwhile, many will also work during that year. If that’s the route you’re keen on taking, you may start looking for potential jobs from the ideas above. More than anything else, consider your preference as to what you’re confident and comfortable doing, so you can enjoy what you’ll be doing during your gap year.

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