Best Mountain Towns in Colorado

What makes Colorado so special and a great state to visit is its remarkable lineup of unique mountain towns. Throughout the state’s various colossal mountain ranges, there are several lovely tiny communities you will enjoy visiting. However, these towns have much more to offer than breathtaking views. You may acquire a job, hike to your heart’s content and see for yourself the reasons you’ll love your brand new life in the mountains. So before you pack your bags and hiking kit, decide on a town to visit by following our handy list of some of the best mountain towns in Colorado.


Telluride is a picture-perfect mountain town in southwest Colorado, with the San Juan Mountains as its backdrop. Although some may see it as a hidden gem, many worldwide adventurers adore this area since there are so many things to see and do. Telluride Ski Resort’s alpine skiing and snowboarding is a popular pastime. However, even if you don’t ski, the free, beautiful gondola journey up to Mountain Village is a must-do. From far up high, you will see one of the state’s most breathtaking mountain views. Take a trip to Telluride since there are many different trails and scenery to see and experience.

Mountain Village

Mountain Village is situated at an elevation of 9,545 feet in southwest Colorado, surrounded by the magnificent San Juan Mountains and the world-renowned Telluride Ski Resort. As previously mentioned, you can visit this wonderful town by taking a scenic gondola ride for free. There are numerous things to do once you get here. You can attend outdoor concerts, learn to golf, develop your skiing skills, or go trail running and trekking. There’s a strong chance you’ll fall in love with the town while exploring it. In that case, you may wish to relocate. If you decide to take this step, hiring professional movers from Mountain Village would be best. Relocating in this type of mountainous terrain is no easy task, so professionals will be able to provide help with any task that needs to be done. However, once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to enjoy Mountain Village’s beautiful charms.


Leadville is the highest incorporated city in North America, standing at 10,152 feet above sea level. This town is, without a doubt, one of the best mountain towns in Colorado. Fortunately, its history has been well conserved, and a trip through the ancient mining town will reveal its Wild West roots. Historic buildings adorn the streets of downtown, many of which have been turned into hotels, restaurants, and art galleries. Learn about the city’s rich history by visiting one of its eight outstanding museums, such as the Leadville National Mining Hall of Fame Museum, the Heritage Museum, or the Healy House Museum. Then, take on the challenge of one of the many hiking and bike paths and truly feel one with nature.


Silverton, a picturesque mountain town in southern Colorado, is another charming mountain town you should visit. You may have heard of it because it is home to a fantastic railway. Hop on a train and enjoy the unparalleled scenery along the way. Furthermore, the town as a whole perfectly combines the past and present with its antique railroad station, log cabins, and historic buildings. This is one of the smaller towns on the list, with a population of only 500 people. This, however, only adds to its charm. Silverton is the mountain town for you if you want to enjoy beautiful views, a tight-knit community, and locally crafted beer.

Crested Butte

Being one of Colorado’s most remote mountain towns, Crested Butte is well worth the trip. Because of its charm tucked in a magnificent setting, it easily makes the list of the best mountain towns in Colorado. Crested Butte, sometimes known as the “wildflower capital of Colorado,” has enough to offer any visitor, regardless of the season. You may hike, ski, mountain bike, rock climb, or attend the annual Crested Butte Wildflower Festival! There is something for everyone in this beautiful mountainous town.


Some refer to Ouray as Colorado’s Outdoor Recreation Capital because of the incredible natural beauty it offers. Others refer to it as Colorado’s Switzerland, and it’s easy to see why when you see the historic Victorian buildings and the beautiful mountain ranges that ascend behind them. But this mountain isn’t just beautiful on the outside; it’s also a great spot to relax and unwind. You can participate in various events or observe from the stand. The annual ice climbing competition in Orlay Park is one of these events.


If you’ve thought about visiting the best mountain towns in Colorado, you’ve heard of Breckenridge. Breckenridge is a popular tourist destination because it has one of the top ski resorts in the state – The Breckenridge Ski Resort. However, that’s not the only attraction you can expect to enjoy. The town also has a genuinely historical sense to it, as it grew from its beginnings as a mining town in the 1800s. Additionally, Breckenridge is home to several fantastic breweries and the Breckenridge Distillery. Participate in the tremendous local festivals and events hosted throughout the year, including the Viking-themed Ullr Fest and the International Snow Sculpture Championships.

Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs, located along I-70, is a charming mountain town easily accessible throughout the year. The well-known Hanging Lake trek is a big draw for travelers from all around the country and beyond. Other activities include rafting and exploring neighboring mountain bike trails. If you are traveling with your family, visit The Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. If you are looking for a venue for your special day, the incredible untouched views found in the area might be a perfect location for a wedding in the mountains. After that, spend some time with your sweetheart in the local hot springs to start your honeymoon off right.

This concludes our list of the best mountain towns in Colorado. We couldn’t have possibly included them all, but this selection of our top picks should help you plan your next holiday or choose a spot for your new home.

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