What Are My Career Options In Mountain Towns?

Making your dream lifestyle a reality is not for the faint of heart, especially if it has to do with living in the mountains. What a dream it must be for you to live in a place with breathtaking scenery and wake up every morning to the feel of fresh air instead of the city’s typical buildings and traffic.

Admit it or not, each time you go up the mountains, you might have also been wondering what it must feel like to spend the rest of your life surrounded by such a spectacular view of nature. So maybe you are one of those who are already tired of city life and want to move to the mountains.

But perhaps, one lingering question you have right now is: what career options are waiting for me there? Well, there is actually a pretty decent list of careers you can take while adjusting to your new lifestyle. So, if you’re planning to stay in mountain towns for good or just a couple of months, here are some careers you can take. 

Tour Guide

If you can communicate well, are pretty interested in hotspots, and like to interact with people who have different backgrounds and cultures, being a tour guide can be one of your options. Being a tour guide is fun, especially if you have enough knowledge of the place to help other people know about the region. But besides that, the most exciting parts of taking this job are probably learning different languages, making new friends, and oh — traveling every day! 


One of the major reasons some people want to move to mountain towns and settle down is their love for nature. If you’re interested in the field of research and happen to have a degree in Environmental Science or related subjects, you might want to become an environmentalist. You can have good pay, plus your office is out in the field, most days.

Also, being an environmentalist means that you could help the residents learn how to use natural resources better, study the best ways to lessen the impact of pollution, and maybe even contribute to new laws and regulations regarding the protection of the environment. 

Cafe Owner

Life in mountain towns is very simple, and you can only see a couple of restaurants and resorts. If you love food like you love mountain life, and if you’re a business-minded person, you can try to put up your own cafe. Of course, you may have to prepare a lot of papers for the requirements and hire people to help you around.

Aside from employees, though, it’s also advisable to hire a construction dispute lawyer in case troubles may arise. When you hire one in the early phases of your construction project, you won’t have to go through the hassle of settling disputes with your contractor (if there is), and they can help provide agreements to the other party if they do not perform as promised. 

Ski Instructor

What’s mountain life without a few tries of skiing, right? Many tourists would never miss this exciting recreational sport, so it sure can be a pretty decent-paying job. Of course, this requires being skilled in skiing. On the one hand, you can also take lessons and attend training programs to improve your skills or gain certification as a ski instructor. Once you are already a tried and proven “ski master,” you can try to find resorts that are hiring for the job. 


If you have the heart to teach, love the company of children, and want to serve the community through education, then being a professional teacher fits you well. Most mountain towns often have shortages in hired teachers, so this can serve as an opportunity for you to offer your skills, abilities, and expertise as a professional teacher. Just make sure that you check out the requirements for teaching licenses and certifications in the region. 

Medical Technicians

Just like any small town, mountain towns sure do need emergency medical technicians. Anywhere there are people, medical situations do happen and cannot be simply avoided. That is why paramedics are also essential, most especially in mountain towns. If you are a trained responder who knows how to react and handle paramedic emergencies, then this is a possible job for you. 

Park or Forest Ranger

Arguably, this might be one of the most interesting career paths you can take in mountain towns. While most people imagine rangers as people who ski through the forest, provide assistance to visitors, and provide general wildlife and park information, there’s still so much more to being a forest ranger.

These include maintaining campground facilities, helping with firefighting and prevention, participating in search and rescue missions, and the likes. So if you think you are qualified in this line of work, maybe this job is for you. 


It takes courage and hard work to make money out of your passion, even if that passion involves the great mountains. And as you can see, so many mountain career opportunities are waiting for you in these towns. All you have to do is ready the requirements, check your qualification, and most importantly, prepare yourself as you take a new chapter in your life.

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