Colorado Teaching Jobs – School Director Job In The Colorado Mountains!

This is a great opportunity to work in a small school environment and experience mountain living at its best in Silverton, Colorado. If you have a degree and/or experience in early childhood education, take a look at Silverton. If you are not familiar with this mountain town, I always recommend checking out Silverton Magazine for more information, here is the welcoming page intro …

IT’S A RARE FIND, this town, one of the last remnants of the true old west. Not Hollywood hype, but the real thing. On any given day you might rub shoulders with a miner, a cowboy, a back- country guide, a hippie, a yuppie, a preacher, a shop keeper, and a school teacher…and they all get along…for the most part.

More about the job:

School Director Job Description

The School Director manages all aspects of our small pre-primary school of about 20-30 students in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Duties include teaching preschool, toddler or infant students (choice) for 4 hours per day, 4 days per week, . The Director also maintains licensing compliance, supervises 1-2 other teachers (depends on enrollment), develops curriculum, carries out student assessment, and provides administrative management of the school. Relocation assistance, and paid vacation. Highly-qualified candidates may receive assistance with cost of interviewing visit.

Job Description

1. State of Colorado Large Center Director’s Certification (or)

2. A four-year baccalaureate degree with major emphasis in child development, early childhood education, early childhood special education, from an accredited college or university. No additional experience is required. (or)

3. A 4 year baccalaureate degree with 3 semester hours of child psychology or child development, 3 semester hours of methods and techniques of teaching the preschool child, and 6 semester hours of health, nutrition and safety, and administration of a childcare center. (or)

4. A two-year college degree from an accredited college or university, with 24 semester hours of specific coursework in Early Childhood Education as listed above, plus 12 months (1,820 hours) of verified experience working directly with children in a child development program. (or)

A person with no degree but who has completed 24 semester hours of coursework (as listed above) and 24 months (3,640 hours) of verified experience working directly with children in a child development program.

5. Prefer 2 years of satisfactory experience in working in an educational or group care setting with children. (Satisfactory experience includes but is not limited to being a licensee of a family child care home, a teachers aide or teacher in an early childhood educational setting, working with disabled children or other children in a group setting.)

6. Five years of satisfactory work experience in Early Childhood Education/Child Development with two years in a supervisory role.

To view and apply for the Silverton School Director position, see our Colorado Job page.

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