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Home is where the heart is “something that you say which means that your true home is with the person or in the place that you love most”

Making a move to the Colorado mountains

“Big news! Living somewhere cold, cold enough to snow, has always been a dream of mine, and for the second time this year, I’m making big dreams come true.”

Reading I’m moving to Colorado! reminded me of how I felt after making the decision to quit my job in recruiting and head to Jackson Hole to work with a temporary staffing agency located in the town of Jackson, Wyoming.

Free … Optimistic … Elated. A huge turning point in my life when I began to let go of some of those daunting fears that used to hold me back … and learn more about following my heart instead of always relying on my often overly logical head.

Moving on …

In February of this year when I decided to redevelop MountainJobs.com, I came across Brian’s blog when he was still living in Park City, Utah. I followed it for months thinking how great it would be if he would write for the MountainJobs.com blog. He is bright, funny and I could always really sense his intense passion for the mountains just by reading his blog.

Five days before the website went up and probably about five months after I discovered the blog, Brian relocated to the city of Chicago. I was shocked! I felt that for whatever reason he moved away, he would most likely be one of those people that would eventually make his way back. Whether he does or not, the reality is …

Change happens … always

Sometimes planned and sometimes not, change always happens. I too have recently left my beloved mountain town, Jackson Hole (for now), fortunately knowing that it will always be the place that I call my home. Although exploring the different mountain areas was always part of the plan, a sudden and serious illness in my family led to a quick and unexpected departure this fall from Jackson Hole. Thankful that things are starting to improve on the home front and that my work allows me to be mobile, I can stay close to the family for a while, and begin to explore more mountain areas by the start of the New Year.

The point of these stories …

With the approaching New Year, it is common to find everyone reflecting on the past and/or contemplating the future. Recent events have only convinced me more…

Live each day, follow your dreams, your heart … accept and embrace change.

On a lighter note … With all the storms this week throughout the country bringing ski resorts a whole lot of new snow, everyone get outside this weekend and enjoy!

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