Taos Ski Valley Opens To Snowboarders In 2008

For those of you who love to snowboard and have been considering Taos, New Mexico as your new mountain home, Taos Ski Valley announced last week that they will open the mountain to snowboarders starting March 19, 2008. Taos is currently experiencing their best early season in 30 years. Opened just this past Friday and reporting a 68” base today.

As far as ski resorts allowing snowboarding, there are now just three resorts remaining who do not allow snowboarding…Deer Valley, Alta and Mad River Glenn. Just read this interesting Burton Snowboards article today, decided to visit their website, and landed on Because of Snowboarding … enjoyed reading this after my own recent reflection on home and life in general.

(section from the blog post 12/14)

”Sometimes I feel like I am living in an in-between realm where a dream has come true and others like a strange, obscure nightmare, where nothing makes sense.”

”I live out of a bag 75% of the year. The other 25% is spent recovering and contemplating what that means. Home is a question mark. Really, I have discovered home resides within my skin.”

”I have experienced things most have never dreamed of.”

The holiday season … definitely a reflective time of year!

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