How Mens Fashion Has Changed In The Workplace

Some elements of men’s fashion in the workplace have changed dramatically over the last century like the disappearance of top hats. Others like ties and suits have persisted for decades. Newer businesses are starting to change workplace fashion for men by placing less focus on conformity to traditional ideas. Men’s fashion in the workplace has changed in a number of ways.


4. Less Formality


One of the largest changes in men’s fashion in the workplace has been the move towards more causal styles. Few companies are demanding all male employees wear three-piece suits every day. Some small businesses and younger companies have few rules in place for exactly what average employees wear in the workplace. Even a few larger companies allow casual attire every day unless important visitors are coming to the workplace.


3. More Focus on Comfort


Part of the change in men’s fashion in the workplace has to do with an increased focus on comfort. Many businesses are now overlooking the type of shoes a man wears during standard office hours because comfortable footwear helps to prevent medical issues with the feet. Comfort is one reason that ties are no longer found with every button-down shirt or suit coat. It is acceptable in some offices for men who work in different roles during the day to change clothes to be more comfortable while performing a physical task or while typing at a standing workstation.


2. More Color


How Mens Fashion Has Changed In The WorkplaceThere was a time when all men were expected to wear clothes and suits to work that had a neutral color. The choices were very limited and were always paired with a formal white shirt. Modern workplaces are now full of color. Men can choose from a range of options from blues and pinks to yellows and even silvers. Businesses are increasingly allowing colorful and comfortable shirts especially in workplaces that do not directly interact with customers. This includes colorful gradated shirts or designer shirts with bold prints like those found at The acceptance of new colors allows men to choose clothes that reflect individual personalities.


1. Fewer Accessories


The number and visibility of men’s accessories has declined over the years. Many men in the workplace no longer wear large and bright rings, chains or watches. Men’s accessories are either not present or are limited to subtle additions such as a plain tie clip or a simple wedding ring. This matches with the simpler and more casual style prevalent in many workplaces today.

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