Crazy Beautiful Fall Day In The Tetons

What an unexpected beautiful day in the Tetons.

What is the weather usually like at this time of year? Well … it’s variable.

It was only after my first couple of years working in hospitality here in Jackson Hole that I began to fine tune my responses to prospective Teton travelers’ questions about our weather. Questions like, “What will the weather be like the week of February 15th?” asked in October often left me baffled … that is until I rediscovered the word “variable”. It is not that I did not appreciate the fact these people were trying to plan the perfect vacation, but seriously … who was I to guarantee a powder day?

Beyond the response, “This is a beautiful place and an incredible mountain … you will have a great vacation”, which I truly meant, many of my responses started to include the term, “variable”. What are the conditions like in December? Variable. Is it really that cold in January? Well, it’s variable. Snow in June? Sometimes …it’s variable.

October here in the mountains? What to expect? Quieter times, fewer crowds and some wonderfully, unexpected, picture perfect days in the Tetons.

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  1. I usually use “it depends”…same thing as “variable”. Your photo is wonderful Amy! We are getting snow here in Colorado tonight and that will probably be the end of the leaves. They have been spectacular this year. Enjoy your off season before it gets crazy again!

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