Utah Resort Jobs – Taking A Look At Park City

Heading out to ski country this season?
The resort hiring season has begun, and there are a variety of job options to choose from. Where to go? To tell you the truth, I don’t think you can really make a poor choice anywhere in the Rocky Mountain West. Montana, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming are the ski town areas that I have explored throughout the years, and can honestly say that I have liked each and every one.

Before making the move to Jackson, what intrigued me the most beyond the obvious mountain appeal was the unique laid-back feel that each ski town had and the strong sense of community that was apparent wherever I would go. The locals always seemed to project this “I love being here” kind of attitude and I can remember thinking about how much I wanted to feel that same way.

Considering Park City, Utah?
Great town. Besides the fact that there are 13 ski resorts in Utah, there is another unique benefit for local residents. It is only about a 30 minute drive to Salt Lake City. The mountain lifestyle with modern convenience; If you are seeking a place where you can enjoy mountain solitude and world class skiing without giving up modern convenience, Park City might just be your place.

Deer Valley Resort jobs?
After looking at the new SKI Magazine Top 10 Resorts for 2007 article with Deer Valley ranking #1 for the third time highlighting their superior customer service, I thought from a staffing perspective, how does this tie into the fact that they are a top employer to work for? Excellent customer service is generally a direct result of high-quality employee training, a positive company environment and a cohesive team extending from top management to temporary seasonal employees.

Having recently begun to question ski town employers about their company culture, I asked Jeannie at Deer Valley Resort in Park City what makes their company a stand out place to work. For those of you considering employment at this resort, Jeannie really had some great insight to share. First noting the lack of a corporate feel and hierarchy as a major plus, she went on to say,

“For instance, Our General Manager, Bob Wheaton, is one of the first people to pitch in and help out when we are very busy. That may include bussing tables in our restaurants, storing and handing out skis each morning in our ski corrals. He is open to suggestions from employees and takes walks thought the resort talking to staff. That philosophy trickles down to our Directors, who are all hands on. You will see Julie Wilson our Food and Beverage Director in the restaurants at all hours helping out and talking to guests. Employees of Deer Valley feel valued and become a part of a family. We have a very large number of employees with consecutive seasons at the resort. In addition, our turnover is extremely low. We have employees that have been here since the beginning, I myself am going on my 19th year with Deer Valley. I think our culture, combined with training, benefits and the example set by management is why our employees care about their performance and want to do a good job.”

Whether short term or long term employment, finding the company culture that is the best fit for you will only enhance your ski town experience … no matter which wonderful place that you decide to choose.

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  1. I have wroked the season last three years at Yellowstone, security, kitchen, sous chef, pantry, cook, dishawasher, etc. etc.

    I am retired, but retirement is boring. I like cooking and people. Call me if you need good work ethics.

    801-621-1700 thanks, Jim

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