Summit County Colorado In The Fall

It is nice to enjoy the fall season in the Rocky Mountain high country while you can. It’s quiet, cool and a great time to get out on the trails.

Check out Joanne’s Summit County Colors, a Colorado slideshow

By the looks of all the snow today on Teton Pass, we can see here in Jackson that winter is clearly on its way!

2 Comments to “Summit County Colorado In The Fall”

  1. I was thinking the same thing myself the past couple of days while taking pictures of the Tetons on these perfect, sunny, 60 degree weather days … hard to take a bad photo!

  2. Nice of you to share Amy! Thanks. I love taking the photos, but I really can’t take credit for them. How can you take a bad photo in areas like we live in? It is no wonder that more people want to live in the Rockies all the time.

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