Vail Talks Up Aspen Culture – Things To Do In The Off-season

Living in Boulder, Colorado thirteen years ago and having friends in the mountains, I often heard the back and forth “Vail sucks”, “Aspen sucks” feud throughout the year I lived there.

Ted Alvarez from Vail, Colorado decided to “declare a truce in the name of cultural exchange”, and write an article giving you some great places in Aspen to check out if you are in the Colorado high country this fall.

Sleeping with the Enemy recommends some of Aspen’s “unique cultural attractions” highlighting the Aspen Art Museum, Wheeler Opera House, and The Belly Up (live music venue).

As for the shrinking off-season, I believe we are all experiencing it at least a little bit at this point in time, but as for it completely disappearing … I doubt it. That “variable” weather I like to talk about at this time of year will (hopefully) keep those tourist crowds somewhat at bay.

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