To The City Or The Slopes – Recent Grads Question Their Next Move

While some students said taking a job so far off the beaten track is intimidating while their friends follow more conventional career paths, they said their excitement about doing something they love helps to offset worries about venturing far away from family and friends.

MacDonald, who arrived in Park City just a few weeks ago, said she does yet not know anyone in the city. She said nearly all of her close friends are living in New York City, while she has moved more than 2,000 miles west.

“They are all enjoying it and hanging out with each other all the time,” she said. “At the same time, however, I don’t think that they love their jobs as much as I am hopefully going to love mine.”

This excerpt from the article in the Yale Daily News, Ski-town lifestyle draws alums to mountaintops reminded me of all the feelings that I experienced after graduating college with a finance degree (quite a few years back). Venturing out west to a ski town instead of moving back to the city and looking for a job related to my degree was never even a thought.

If I would have known then what I know now …

It took me years to get up the courage to take a chance and follow a dream. When I look around at what is going on in the world today, it is hard to believe that I ever over analyzed to the extent that I did while trying to figure out what the “right thing” to do was after graduating from college.

As far as responsibility, it is always interesting to read the different perspectives from those looking at ski town living. Some people seem to think that you move to the mountains and all stress and responsibilities just miraculously float away into the sunset. Wouldn’t that be nice? You can actually be irresponsible wherever you live and with whatever you are doing … it is not a place or a lifestyle that makes us irresponsible in my opinion. We really do that all on our own.

If you want to spend a ski season at any of these resorts in between undergrad and graduate school … or even indefinitely, then do it. It is not the make or break deal for a successful life, and it will certainly be an experience that you will never forget.

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  1. Great timing Amy, I was planning a post on job opportunities in Summit County. I will be posting it tomorrow and will be using some of your info…thanks!

  2. Wow – another great blog about ski areas – ummm I know Mt. Bachelor is gearing up too, not to mention Mt. Hood or Hoo Doo – would love to follow you great bloggers.

  3. Thanks … hope to expand into more of western ski town areas soon!

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