Fall Is Showing Its Colors In Jackson Hole – Go Take A Hike!

After leaving town for less than a week, I came back to a completely different colored landscape. It is now officially autumn in Jackson Hole.

I guess I was pushing it yesterday with flip-flops and shorts, but I am so far from ready to pull out that puffy. There will undoubtedly be plenty of months for that. It was pretty rainy yesterday here in Jackson Hole which was actually kind of nice. It was a relaxing rainy Sunday. It is that time of year here in Jackson when things just start to naturally slow down. The calm before the (snow) storm.

I did manage to get in a quick hike to Ski Lake (starts half way up Teton Pass) with a couple of friends and that adorable baby just before the weather kicked in. Whether you are short on time, working a full-time job, or happen to be carrying a healthy growing baby on your back, it is key to make sure you know where to take that 1 to 1 1/2 hour hike that will easily provide you with the perfect outdoor fix.

I make sure to get out on most days no matter how busy I am or where I happen to be situated on any given day. Town … it’s Snow King, Wilson …Crater Lake or Ski Lake, and the Village ….it is up to the Casper Lift. It is amazing what even an hour in the mountains can do to just an ordinary day.

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