Inner Peace And The Power Of Place

How important is finding inner peace, and is it possible that a “place” may lead you to it?

An article in New York Magazine earlier this year really caught my eye with the front page feature, Give Inner Peace a Chance. The author asked 100 people the question about how they find inner peace in New York, and received many responses that included pills, yoga, and TV.

This was my favorite response though, and I quote,

“I wonder how many people in NYC are actually seeking “Inner Peace.” It’s not on my list of things to do. People might be a lot more serene if they settled for a nice slice of pizza.”

Spoken like a true New Yorker. No sugar-coating there.

Peace of Mind
For me …there is no doubt about it. I am calmer here in Wyoming than I was there in New York. Although I do believe that inner peace has a lot more to do with the state of your inner self and not so much to do with where you live, there is still no discounting that feeling that I get when driving home staring straight into those Tetons. There I am … looking directly into this indescribable spectacular beauty that has managed to reach out and brighten my soul each and every day that I have been here.

The Power of Place
Truthfully, the two go hand in hand for me living here in Jackson Hole, and both have remained equally important throughout my own life journey. Finding your peace and finding your place … both absolutely worth exploring.

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  1. Inner peace is possible wherever you are but I must admit it’s easier now when I look out my window at Pikes Peak. I think the challenge for us all is to maintain inner peace regardless. Life happens.

  2. That about perfectly sums up what the point of my post really was. Thanks.

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